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Strange dream

Posted by keithosaunders on December 21, 2009

Woke up thinking about a dream I had overnight.  I was in Switzerland on tour with my trio.  We were checked into this hotel in Geneva in the old section of town.  We had a week-long tour and we had just arrived.  We wanted to go out and see a little of the town but I hadn’t checked into my room yet.   The bass player, who had already checked in, was showing me the way to the lobby.  We had to ascend an increasingly narrow staircase, until, at the top, there was no room to squeeze through the door without falling off the staircase.

My mother was in the dining room and she made a comment about the Swiss having been in cahoots with the Nazis and I responded, “sure, that’s why all of these old building still exist — they were never bombed…”

All of a sudden I realized that I had forgotten to pack the music.  So there was some anxiety in the dream, but overall we were in a nice place and I was happy to see my Mom again, if only in a dream.

My trio CD, which comes out in April, was produced by a guy who lives in Montreux and there is an outside chance that he will bring us over to play.  There is also a chance that I will go over next year as part of a solo piano festival.  I’m sure that’s where this dream comes from, but it was odd for the inclusion of my Mom.  Things seemed nice, but just a little off.

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