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Triscuits and tragedy: Taping foibles in a post-apocalyptic world.

Posted by keithosaunders on December 26, 2009

A few days ago my buddy and  went to see the new Viggo Mortenson movie, The Road.  This movie depicts a man’s effort to protect his child in a post-apocalyptic world.  The theater was next to a supermarket so before going in we loaded up on snacks — Triscuits and Pepperidge Farm cookies.  We were watching the film and I have to admit to feeling a little guilty as I reached for a Triscuit during the scene where they stumbled into a basement full of starving people held captive by cannibals.  Is that worse than making out during Schindlers List?

Being a huge sports fan I have had quite a bit of experience taping games to watch after coming home from a gig.  Like many a well-intentioned taper, I have had my share of mishaps, not the least of which is being told the score before having a chance to have viewed the game.  I will detail a few of the more notable gaffes  in my next post.  For now here are a few hypothetical taping foibles inspired by The Road.

The first can be recounted in one sentence:  You set the VCR to channel 2 instead of 3 right before the apocalypse.

Here’s another one:  You’re out of town on business on the night of the apocolypse, but you realize that you have correctly set your VCR to tape the Mets game.  The next day you think to yourself, “This is great; I’m one of the only humans left alive — no one will ruin the game by telling me the score.”   On the way home, however, you meet a cannibal, but because he has already feasted on the entrails of his nosy mother-in-law, he let’s you pass.  You can barely contain your glee and you say to yourself “Oh baby, I am golden!”   Suddenly, just as you are almost out of earshot, the cannibal calls out to you, “By the way…the Mets won in the bottom of the 9th on a Reyes inside the park homerun!”

One Response to “Triscuits and tragedy: Taping foibles in a post-apocalyptic world.”

  1. Jane said

    That type of cinematic guilt can only be compared to the feeling you get when you go the bar while your boyfriend is at his weekly AA meeting…..

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