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The Clueless Colts

Posted by keithosaunders on December 30, 2009


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pro Bowl is a funny name

What, only the 50 or so players that compete in this sham of an allstar game are pros?  The rest must be amateurs.  My friend has informed me that this year, in order to garner increased ratings, the Probowl will be shown during the off Sunday between the Championship game and the Super Bowl.  After all, you can’t have the Probowl competing against such February blockbusters as Battle of the Network Tractor Pulls, and Great Lapels From the 1970s.  

In order to protect my friend’s identity I am using state of the art name scrambling software.  Don’t try to figure out his name — it will be next to impossible.   J**f MaZz3i actually thinks that players competing in the Super Bowl will participate in this game.  Can you believe him?!  Peyton Manning is going to risk an ankle sprain and jeopardize the chance to win his second Super Bowl ring?!  I think the fact that J**f has a song dedicated to him (Keith Saunders Trio: track three, “Lost In Queens” TCB 29302)  has caused his head to swell and his usual expert judgement to falter.  We’ll give him a pass this time since a little birdie has told me that his Triscuit supply has run dangerously low.
Come to think of it, Colts coach, Jim Caldwell, might want to rest some of his stars during the second half of the Super Bowl to preserve them for the 2010 season.  Then they can get a fresh start on another 15-1 season.

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