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Keitho presents the best and worst of 2009

Posted by keithosaunders on December 31, 2009

The Best


1) Arizona Cardinals play in their first Super Bowl and almost pull off the upset!

2) Barack Obama sworn in as our 44th president

3) All the Sarah Palin hilarity — that gal is gold!

4) Mets go 2-1 vs the Reds to open the 2009 season!

5)  Earth declares war on the moon.  We discover that there is water there.  No casualties.

6) My first trio CD, Lost In Queens, is picked up by TCB Montreux label.  Available now @

7) Curb Your Enthusiasm

8) Wife turns 50 but I was still a spry 48. (until August)

9) Lots of  good music and laughs with the Johnny Avino group

10) Still able to go through airport security w/o full cavity search.

and now….



1) Yankees win their 27th World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies.

2) The Yankees. (since they would have made the list anyways they now get on twice)

3) Barack Obama is a  major disappointment on foreign policy, health care reform, and civil rights.

4) The Mets injury plagued nightmare of a season.

5) The Mets off-season

6) The financial sector. Socialism for the banking industry yielded six figure bonuses yet unemployment remains at an obscene level.

7) Lady Gaga is considered an artist yet Hank Mobely, Sonny Clark, and Lee Morgan remain in obscurity.

8) The government’s  continuing over-reaction to terrorism, yet inability and unwillingness to effect any change through foreign policy.

9) Joe Lieberman

10) I never got a dinner

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