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Church and state: One and the same.

Posted by keithosaunders on January 10, 2010

I think it’s remarkable that Brit Hume, a television journalist had the hubris to advise Tiger Woods about what religion he should practice.   It’s a sad commentary when this is the kind of content we have come to expect, even taking into account the low standards followed by FOX news.   

My disgust would not be any less if Hume had advised Tiger to have his palms read, or to follow signs from tea leaves.  Religion is a personal commitment  and is antithetical to news.  News is (supposedly) fact based, while religion, no matter how strongly one believes, centers around faith. 

It’s no wonder that the U.S. is looked upon with scorn from much of the world.  It’s not just Bret Hume and cable news.  The level of sanctimony from our politicians is appalling.  It’s as if there the provision in our constitution separating church and state does not exist.


One Response to “Church and state: One and the same.”

  1. ricardorae said

    Good read,

    Couldn’t agree more,
    In fact I feel that even though separation of church and state should be paramount,
    Religion/faith and these types of pyschological states are very much similar to those used in policits, popularity and controlling the masses.

    Perhaps they can never be so separate after all, at least in “state of mind” but I wonder what the answer would be?
    Interesting 🙂

    PS – Going to check out your music, I studied Jazz here in Australia, i’m a bassist/producer!

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