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The Obama hatred

Posted by keithosaunders on January 15, 2010

I am puzzled by vehement hatred directed towards Barak Obama by the Republicans.  This across-the-board dismissal does not add up.  Obama campaigned as a centrist, and if anything his administration has bent over backwards to work with, and accomodate the Republicans.

While it is true Obama has made tepid attempts to bring home the troops from Iraq, he has upped the ante in Afghanistan in the form of a surge which most analysts predict will fail.  We continue to pay for our folly with American,Afghani, and Iraqi lives.  In this way his foreign policy has mimicked the Bush administration.  Although Obama’s rhetoric is more elegant, his implementation of policy is the same — force before diplomacy.

We continue to deny prisoners their right to a trial and we continue to eavesdrop on our own citizenry via the NSA’s monitoring of international telephone calls coming into the U.S.   The Patriot act will soon be up for renewal and there is little to make us believe that it will be struck down.

So I ask those on the right:  How is Obama that different from Bush?  Health care will be enacted without a public option.  The taxes that will be imposed will not undue the harm to the deficit that Bush created by squandering our surplus nine years ago.

I believe that partisan politics is largely at fault for this negativity, but I can’t help but think racism is playing a part as well.  There is a large group of the population that still cannot tolerate a  Black president.  To them, a Black man is inferior. and to see Obama in the Whitehouse refutes their credo. 

It would be one thing if Obama offered a truly different vision of our country, but he hasn’t.  It is the left that has more of a reason to be disillusioned.  If I was a Republican I would breath a sigh of relief.

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