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Health Care for Some

Posted by keithosaunders on January 20, 2010

Republicans view government as an anathema in regards to universal health care, but when it comes to the military they can’t fund it enough.  It is utterly depressing. Way back in the summer I was actually optimistic that some genuine  health care reform would be enacted.   I (naïvely) thought that the Republicans would not be able to morally rationalize against it. I underestimated the hatred and racism inherent in this country.

The party of Lincoln cannot offer any alternative to the current system other than tort reform and free market health care.  They deride a public option as big government; according to them this will bankrupt the nation.  This idea has no credibility whatsoever.  The U.S. has all the money in the world to fight needless, illegal wars in the mideast, yet when it comes to keeping our populace healthy we must be ‘fiscally’ responsible. 

The Huffington Post says that 77% of the American people support a public option.  An ABC News poll, for those of you who would like a more conservative source, states that 62% of Americans prefer universal health care over current employer based system.  Something is not adding up.    

 The Democrats, as flawed as they are, at least attempting to make health care affordable. What have the Republicans done along these lines?  Trickle down?  In the end we  will get what we deserve —  mass poverty and rioting in the streets.

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