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Mike Francesa and the Jets

Posted by keithosaunders on January 27, 2010

For the past month, WFAN sports radio host Mike Francesa has carried out an on-air vendetta against the Jets and their coach, Rex Ryan.  Mike’s point is that the Jets were handed a break when the Colts rested Peyton Manning in the 2nd half of their December 27th regular season game.  The Jet fans, naturally, were elated and Mike felt it his duty to remind them that the Jets were ultimately a mediocre team.  I agreed with Francesa that the Jets had a bit of luck to get into the playoffs.  That being said he has been miserable to the Jet fans, almost pathologically so. It’s as if there is something personal in his ranting — as if he feels the need to inflict pain.

It’s not like Mets/Yankees — I have lived in New York for 26 years and have never noticed much animosity between Jets and Giants fans. I am a Giants fan yet I really wanted the Jets to win this year. I especially wanted them to win after Francesa was such a jerk.

The Jets have had such a miserable existence and so many heartbreaking losses. How can he deny their fans one of their few moments to feel pride?  Mike either pulled this stunt to gin up ratings or he really is a miserable bastard. Or both.

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