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For an hour I forgot that Obama was a Democrat

Posted by keithosaunders on January 28, 2010

The revealing thing about the comments by Harry Reid’s and Chris [I forgot he was Black] Matthews is that people are conscious of race ALL THE TIME.  We don’t live in a post-racial society, but a hyper-racial one.  These are Obama’s friends.!  We can only imagine what the real racists are saying.

For me, the take-away from last night was that the Democrats, as the majority party, are as impotent as they were as the minority party.  Health care reform is all but dead, and even over-turning “don’t ask, don’t tell,”  seems like too tall an order for these yutzes.  I don’t believe, given all the outsourcing of our nation’s manufacturing sector, and the failed state of the auto industry, that it is possible to create enough jobs to stave off an economic disaster — not unless we invest heavily in green technology, and with the all-powerful minority Republican party standing in the way, this is next to impossible.  Though Obama paid lip service to green technology I do not  believe he has the drive to follow through. 

Glenn Greenwald at Salon wrote about the Alito breach of protocol, where he mouthed the words “Not true” during Obama’s criticism of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on corporations contributing to campaigns. 

  “Recall all of the lip-pursed worrying from The New Republic’s Jeffrey Rosen and his secret, nameless friends over the so-called “judicial temperament” of Sonia Sotomayor.  Alito’s conduct is the precise antithesis of what “judicial temperament” is supposed to produce. ”

This, rather than Matthew’s ignorant gaffe, is the real travesty of last night.  Whether one attain a success as a Supreme Court Justice, or an influential media personality, it is clear to me that intelligence and morality is not a deciding factor.

One Response to “For an hour I forgot that Obama was a Democrat”

  1. Excellent post. The title is hilarious. I’m with you on most, but still just a bit more hopefull (maybe misplaced, but where else to place it?)

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