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The Group

Posted by keithosaunders on February 11, 2010

My trio CD, Lost In Queens, is coming out this April and I thought I would preview one of the tracks on this blog. The song is called The Group and it’s a fast, hard-driving minor tune featuring a cavalcade of B flat minor. I am extremely proud of the take, and, in fact, I am very happy with the entire CD.

Those of you familiar with Queens, New York City’s largest borough will know that we have some of the most confusing set of streets in the metro area. For instance, you have 44th, Ave, 44th, Rd, and 44th Dr, all running parallel to each other, and any one of them is liable to intersect with 44th st. One of the compositions, In Search of the Lost Camel Paths of Maspeth, evokes my continuing struggle to find an alternative route to the Long Island Expressway during rush hour. Suffice to say there is no happy ending.

Here is a link to the sound files. Feel free to purchase the CD if you like what you hear. (I guess I should clarify at this time that the CD is not free)

Lost in Queens — The Keith Saunders Trio


2 Responses to “The Group”

  1. “The Group” sounds great! I’m usually not the biggest jazz fan, but I really got into this track 🙂 You are very talented.

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