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Dark Days

Posted by keithosaunders on February 17, 2010

Today in Salon Glenn Greenwald wrote:

Dick Cheney went on ABC News this weekend and boasted of the role he played in ordering the waterboarding of detainees.  Andrew Sullivan has written several posts accurately describing this statement as a “confession of committing a war crime on national television.”  Harper’s Scott Horton identifies the specific criminal statute Cheney confessed he violated, makes clear that — as the Attorney General himself previously said — there is no reasonable debate possible regarding the criminality of waterboarding under U.S. and international law (notwithstanding the efforts of Politico and friends to pretend otherwise), and then asks:  “What prosecutor can look away when a perpetrator mocks the law itself and revels in his role in violating it?”

There are no words to describe my feeling of disappointment with the Obama administration.  In a way it’s worse than Bush because I expected so much more from them.  They’re going to be a one term presidency and we’re never going to see indictments. 

So where is all this centrism getting them?  If only they had done the morally correct thing —  — allowing due process for prisoners, and rescinding the more egregious of Bush Co’s legislation, i.e.warrantless wiretapping — I could have forgiven them for being a one term administration.  In fact I would have felt proud of them and placed the blame squarely on an obstructionist Republican/Blue Dog Democrat Congress.  The way things stand now I feel that Obama shares in culpability.  I hold out hope that things can turn around, but not much.


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