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Health care reform: It’s time.

Posted by keithosaunders on March 20, 2010

After months of political wrangling and machinations the Health Care Reform Bill will be voted on in the House tomorrow, March 21st.  People, it’s time.  I understand that this is a flawed bill and that an absence of a public option is huge blow.  The bottom line is that 32 million more Americans will be insured (1 million more than originally thought) and 138 billion dollars will be pared from the federal deficit in the next ten years.

There is no moral reason to oppose health care reform.  The Republicans have yet to offer a valid plan, save for their feeble talking points — being able to buy insurance across state lines, and tort reform.  The last administration had eight years to deal with this and did not lift a finger, tort reform and all.

A year ago, when health care reform was first presented, I figured that this was an issue in which Obama’s bi-partisan efforts would be a plus.  Why wouldn’t the Republicans want to do what is humane and necessary?   How naive I was. 

I have reached the conclusion that there exists a Darwinian sense of entitlement among people of wealth and means.  Their rational is that they have worked hard for what they have achieved and they are deserving of privilege by means of their talent and drive.  The tacit implication is that it is the uninsured person’s own fault for not having had the perseverance and the ability to succeed in a competitive world.

Of course these is a racist component to this. What is the term “big government” but a euphemism for a welfare state.  It is hardly subtle.  The Republicans have spent the better part of 40 years deriding the gains accomplished through Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, as well as LBJ’s Great Society programs.  All of this is a way for the rich, or middle class white person to feel good about where he is in society, and to alleviate the guilt that comes with knowing there are people being denied access to health care and a better life.

5 Responses to “Health care reform: It’s time.”

  1. Sherm said

    Every man for himself said the elephant as he danced among the chickens. Great post.

    Obama should have pushed for medicare for all. If they are gonna call you a socialist for providing funding to help poor people purchase health insurance from private, for-profit insurance companies, you might as well act like a socialist and give them a single-payer system.

    Some fantasy tips from me over at Charlie’s blog.

    • We’re finding that Obama is turning out to be a pretty good chess player. He knew he couldn’t get a public option so he settled for incremental progress. Because this is the first such social progress in over 40 years it ends up looking very impressive and I believe that the Democrats will be able to use this to their advantage in the coming elections. Not only do they have the moral high ground but they can no longer be accused of being a do-nothing Congress. On the contrary, the Republicans will have to answer for being obstructionist.

      • Sherm said

        I suspect that you are right politically, but is the bill any good without the public option to keep costs from continuing to spiral out of control? Another point politically is that I suspect that in attacking such a cautious, reasonable and moderate president so aggressively, the republican party has revealed its true self to many moderates.

      • We basically agree on our politics. I have come around to not despising this bill for two reasons: My children can stay on our plan until they are 26, and people cannot be denied HC for a pre-existing condition. Those two facets are big improvements over the staus quo. Hopefully this is merely a first step.

      • Sherm said

        Yeah, those are two of the better aspects of the plan, but they are countered by the tax on “cadillac” plans which, in light of inflation and in the absence of a public option, will be a tax on any decent plan, and could result in employers purchasing crappier insurance for their employees.

        If I had a vote, I would have voted like Kucinich. Voice my opposition all along and then relent with a “yes” vote because while far from perfect, it’s certainly better than the status quo.

        Did you see my fantasy draft tips (extensive list of pitchers to target) in the comment section over at the widening geier?

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