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Lost in Queens: The CD that refuses to ask for directions.

Posted by keithosaunders on April 15, 2010


Since the dawn of the automobile man has been imbued with a sense of exploration — to seek out new locales, to drive to them, and to return to his abode of residence.  In New York City, directly to the east of Island of Manhattan there exists a borough whose roads are so poorly designed that the Romans themselves dared not traverse them.  

I give you….Queens.

Let the driver who dares venture off Queens main artery, the Long Island Expressway, possess a will of iron, for it is he who embarks on a collision course with his destiny: eternal damnation.  

Presenting a jazz CD inspired by the feeling of free-fall ensued during this doomsday day trip.  Its compositions and arrangements, forged by pianist Keith Saunders, out of a thousand left turns onto one-way streets going THE WRONG WAY.  Out of the awareness that he traversed roads that would have challenged Sacajawea, comes art personified.  Swingin’.

I invite you to listen to the samples from Lost In Queens.  It is a work of angst and a labor of love.  But for the love of Robert Moses, stay the hell on the expressway.


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