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Time to face the music

Posted by keithosaunders on May 17, 2010

Just when it was looking like things were shaping up for the New York Metropolitans and that this might be a decent season, we are face to face with the truth.  This is a .500 team that is facing injuries and could easily be buried in the division by the All Star break. 

Oliver Perez is shit.  He will tease you with the occasional dominant start, only to revert to his wild ways.  He, like Maine and Santana, has lost at least 3 miles per hour on his fastball, and lacks the ability to blow hitters away.  When he is forced to throw a strike he is all too hittable. 

With his demotion to the bullpen and Jon Niese’s hamstring flare-up, the Mets are now without 2/5 or their starting rotation.  The bullpen, which has been the strength of the team, is starting to show signs of misuse by Jerry Manuel, who continues to trot out Nieve, Feliciano, and Hashikawa day after day.  You can’t expect them to continue to get outs. Nieves is practically shot and it’s only the middle of May.  The way Manuel handles his pitching staff, his starters do not have  the wherewithal to work out of jams on days when they lack their best stuff.  

I want to know who in baseball deigned that 100 pitches is all a pitcher can handle.  Are all pitchers built exactly the same way?  The last time I checked they come in all shapes and sizes.  It stands to reason that some pitchers can go a lot deeper into the game than others.

The coming series with Atlanta and Washington are gut checks.  MIke Pelfrey, whose last few outings have been shaky to say the least, needs to come up big.  They’ll need more than six  innings out of him.  Ideally the Mets  need to take three of four before the weekend series with the hated Yankees.  I would not want to limp into such a series.


One Response to “Time to face the music”

  1. The Mets are caught between heading towards a youth movement, and trying to win it now with established stars. This non-strategy will result in a record of about 83-79, and a third or forth place finish, which is about what one could expect of them going into this season. There is no obvious five-year plan here, unless you consider crossing your fingers hoping that the veterans have a few more good years left while the young guys mature, is a plan. Nice post, Bill

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