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Those wacky baseball uniforms of the ’70s.

Posted by keithosaunders on May 29, 2010

 Who besides me is nostalgic for this quirky period in baseball haberdashery?  Who can forget the banana-in-pajamas yellow of the Pittsburgh Pirates? 

  How about the seizure-inducing kaleidoscope that comprised the Houston Astros festival in orange?

 Even the seats of the Astrodome had this pattern!

And of course, the staple road uniform of at least 10 teams: powder-blue.   I was partial to the road uniforms of the St Louis Cardinals, which inexplicably had nothing to do with their home color, Cardinal red.

 How about those Whitesox, who for one game in the middle of the decade actually wore short pants!

I’m hoping that teams begin to break out of the  conservative period that we currently inhabit. Enough of this boring road grey.  I’m also tired of black jerseys that have nothing to do with the team colors. 

How about you?   What were, or are, or were your favorite uniforms?

Happy Memorial Day!


5 Responses to “Those wacky baseball uniforms of the ’70s.”

  1. Strange decade, the ’70’s. It was the decade of my childhood, with Mason Reese, the Brady Bunch, Wacky Packages, Mad Magazine, Pop Rocks, and Disco. The uniforms couldn’t compete with all that wackiness. But they sure did try! Thanks for the memories, I think 🙂 Bill

  2. zapple100 said

    For some strange reason I remember liking those Pirate uniforms. Did I have bad taste. Not only were the uniforms ugly, but they were tight.
    Top this off with some ugly stadiums, astro turf, you got some really ugly looking baseball.

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