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Game 7

Posted by keithosaunders on June 17, 2010

It took me until the middle of June, but after a horrendous NBA playoffs which featured one-sided defeats and a too-early exit from LeBron, I am finally engaged.  Tonight’s game 7, between the Lakers and Celtics finds me enlisting my best friend to man the VCR.  After my gig in Westchester I will head immediately to the Bronx for some midnight hoops. 

This is only the 17th NBA finals game 7 and it’s just the 4th in the last 22 years.  In 2005 the Spurs beat the Pistons. In 1994 it was the Knicks who blew a 3-2 lead in games, losing to the Rockets, and in 1988 the Lakers beat the Pistons at the Forum.

I grew up in Los Angeles rooting for the Lakers.  I was a little young to experience the perennial disappoinment of the 1960s Lakers fans who saw their team lose to the Celtics 7 times.  (to be accurate the first of that string came in 1959)  When I moved to New York in 1984 I was deeply into the Magic/Kareem Lakers and I rooted hard for them in the three Finals that occured that decade.

There is something about this current Laker team that prevents me from rooting for them.  For starters, there is Phil Jackson.  I had to endure his Bulls team spoil the Knnck’s dreams year after year in the 90s.  He came to the Lakers and it wasn’t as if he had to rebuild from scratch — they already had Shaq and Kobe!  Furthermore, I have never warmed to Kobe.  There is no denying his greatness, but between his failure to get along with Shaq, and his questionable off the court adventures, I never rooted for him.

I don’t think the Celtics have much of a shot tonight.  Only 3 of those 17 game 7s saw the road team win and the Celtics are going to miss their big man, Kendrick Perkins, who is out with an injury.  Still, if the stars align, you never know.  It could be a thrilla!


2 Responses to “Game 7”

  1. bkivey said

    I thought it was an entertaining game, although I can’t be said to be a fan of either team. As Sports Illustrated once observed, Game 7’s are always worth watching, because an entire season for both teams comes down to one game. It looked like the Celtics were going to do enough to win, even taking control for much of the first half. The Lakers hung in, and slowly gained momentum until the fourth quarter, when they tied and then passed the Celtics.

    I listened to Dr. Jack on the radio and was amazed to find that he’s 85. He doesn’t sound a day over 70. I just hope I’m still breathing at 85.

    • It was a great game, expecially considering it was a game 7. On a night when Kobe didn’t have his shot the Lakers were ripe to be taken. If the Celtics had received anything at all out of Ray Allen they probably would have won. Then again, if the Lakers had made their foul shots it wouldn’t have been close.

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