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Road trip!

Posted by keithosaunders on August 10, 2010

At last, after months of angst, sadness, and anticipation, our road trip has begun. Four humans and a dog traverse the nation with a mission: A mission to be the first family ever to play pinochle with Bigfoot.

For our opening act we have left the nation. We are staying overnight outside of Niagara Falls in St Catherines, Canada. Tomorrow, assuming we are denied political asylum, we will cross back into the U.S. near Detroit, making a beeline for that bastion of bastards, Grand Rapids, MI.

We got a late start today. After dropping our oldest son Jake at the Kingston bus depot (he and a friend will fly to San Fran and will arrive several days before us) we took off west on Rt 28 through the Catskills, eventually connecting with the NY State Throughway at Syracuse.

We now know the best way to end a drought: Put your luggage on the roof of your car in a canvas bag. I haven’t seen such rain since I attended an all day Irwin Allen festival. You remember that picture – “The Monsooning.”

Somehow I was duped into sharing a bed with my son Lee who sleeps in a state of perpetual motion. I’ll be lucky if I can requisition 1/5 of the covers. Across the way my daughter, Lucy and my wife, Debra sleep like babies, as is Layla the dog, whose day consisted of getting to know our car’s passenger side floor mat.

The photo was taken outside of a Mexican restaurant in Syracuse.


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