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My long national nightmare continues: in Palatine, Illinois

Posted by keithosaunders on August 12, 2010

Apparently the fact that I no longer live in New York city has done little to lessen the sting of a Yankee comeback victory. Through the miracle of ESPN I was able to watch them put the finishing touches on a 6-1 comeback victory on the road against Cliff Lee of the 1st place Texas Rangers. I am nauseous just typing that.

The Yankees earn so much money,between their cable network, gate receipts, and merchandising revenue, that if they wanted to they could add another 50 million in payroll without blinking. There is no reason, barring a rash of freak injuries, that they should miss the playoffs. Ever.

After an easy five-hour drive from Eastern Michigan to Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, we spent a beautiful day and overnight with my brother and his family. We had a refreshing swim in his pool, which with the 90 degree humid weather, was much appreciated, and we made a run to Lowes where a bought a plastic, rain-resistant tarp for our canvas car-roof bag.

After dinner they surprised me with a 50th birthday cake. My birthday is in two weeks, but being that I will spend it in my new city it was great to celebrate it with family. The cake was in the shape of a hamburger, the significance of which I could only surmise was that this is the type of food that i’d best not over- indulge in lest my arteries go the way of downtown Detroit.

Next on the trip we will probably be calling an audible. We had intended to drive north to South Dakota and go through the Badlands, but we may have to arrive in Cali a few days earlier, necessitating a more direct route. This would mean that a trip through Nebraska is looming. Bring it.


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