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Wyoming Day 3. Search for wildlife: This time it’s serious.

Posted by keithosaunders on August 17, 2010

“I won the rock, paper, scissors.”

“No you didn’t.”

“I won the laughing contest.”

“No you didn’t, it was a do-over.”

“I won the straight-face.”

“No you didn’t!”

Would you believe that this exchange, which took place in the back seat of our car between Lee, our 13 year old, and Lucy, our 9 year old, went on for close to a half hour? The kicker was that the stakes were for the right to say that Layla, our dog was either cute, or not cute. It didn’t matter, since neither would admit defeat, so Layla, at least in my mind, remains a cute dog. Fortunately we reached our destination, thus rendering the discussion moot. Part of me admires their grit and tenacity. Neither will say die, and both are committed to the cause, whatever that may be.

We had an action packed day of horseback riding and white water rafting. I enjoyed both, particularly the rafting, but now I can live out my days without having to do either again. Cross ’em off the bucket list. Next up: running with scissors.

As I alluded to in yesterdays post, everyone here talks about the wild life. This one saw a moose, that one played pinochole with a grizzly. On and on it goes. We had been here 48 hours and the wildest thing we had seen was a chipmunk.

Tonight we were determined to see something. I just wanted to see a moose. Yesterday we were told that our hike was a sure fire spot to see wildlife. What did we get? Chipmunks. Horseback riding? Nothing. Rafting? Well, OK, we did see a bald eagle, but still…moose!

So on the way home we took a recommended road: MOOSE CREEK ROAD. The fucking road wasn’t even paved. Nothing. Not even a chipmunk.

We were beginning to give up hope when we noticed several cars pulled over and people with cameras looking at a field of sagebrush. Moose!

Nope. It was a large deer-like creature which we couldn’t even identify. It could have been an elk, but don’t they have antlers? I asked a gentlemen what he thought they were and he responded that they could be muledeer. Muledeer? Get out of here. He made that up.

Tomorrow we’re going to attempt a 12 hour drive to put us in California. Wish us luck.

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