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Punchbuggy: 1965

Posted by keithosaunders on September 4, 2010

Like most parents I dread going into a parking lot because of the drubbing I receive at the hands of my nine-year old daughter upon the sighting of any Volkswagen.  Somewhere along the line it became de rigueur to deliver a punch to the nearest person after seeing a Volkswagen Bug, although my daughter has amended the rules to make it any model. 

Here in the Bay Area I have seen a lot of old cars.  I suppose that the mild California winters have allowed for greater preservation — they don’t deal with the rust that ensues from salted roads.  Many of the cars I’ve seen have the blue and gold license plates from the 70s.  Some, like the one pictured below, even have the old black with gold lettering plates of the 60s.  

Coming out of the market yesterday I noticed this old Volkswagen Bug which had the passenger seat removed, allowing for a makeshift backseat.  I ended up having a conversation with the owner of the car, now 70, who had earned his living as a Volkswagen mechanic.  He was the original owner of this 1965 model and the car has over 500,000 miles.   He also has a 1968 model with roughly the same mileage.  He has recently replaced the engine, but unfortunately, thanks to a shadow, my photo doesn’t do it justice.  It was amazing seeing a shiny, brand-new engine inside of this classic old car. 

He is moving to Idaho where he can fly fish full-time.  He’ plans on driving both vehicles the 1,000 plus miles.   


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