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Introducing…the slo-ster!

Posted by keithosaunders on October 16, 2010

You say you want toast *and* you want 8 hours of sleep?  Introducing…the Slo-toaster! 

Bread goes into the slo-ster before you go to bed — eight hours later you awake to….toast!

Cathy from Wisconsin writes:  Why wouldn’t you just put a clock on the toaster so that you could start it automatically at Xpm?  Otherwise, what you’ll get in the morning is a pile of crumbs that resemble volcanic ash in texture.

Our crack R & D staff has seen to it that this will never happen!  You see, while you are sleeping, 455 little metal arms housed within the titanium shell of the slo-ster slowly massage the toast, creating a golden-brown, crisp texture.  The toast is not only delicious, but super-relaxed!

Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say:  ”I went away on a two-week cruise and returned to the best damn piece of toast I ever had!

 “Since the Slo-Toaster came into my life I’ve finally been able to sleep through the night without the anxiety of having to wake up and make toast!

‎”Today’s toast . . . Tomorrow!”


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