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Tommy Hunter, this is your hour!

Posted by keithosaunders on October 19, 2010

I actually still think the Yankees are going to win this thing, but I’d admit to feeling a little cocky if the Rangers can somehow win tonight. The Yankees have their worst pitcher going — AJ Burnett — even though last year he somehow pitched a great World Series game in a similar situation. You never know what you’re going to get with A.J.

Why aren’t the Yankees starting C.C. Sabathia tonight? I seem to remember him going on short rest during last year’s playoffs and Series. Would they use him in game 5 and 7? (or would that be 2 days rest?)

Of course none of the Yankee fans have heard of Tommy Hunter, but he had a pretty good season going 13-4 with a 3.73 era. If it wasn’t for the 8th inning of game 1 the Yankees would be all but dead.

Unfortunately this means they are due to wake up. How long can you hold Texeira and Arod down?

So come on Rangers, remember the alamo, or whatever is it that psyches you up!

Cliff Lee riding herd.


2 Responses to “Tommy Hunter, this is your hour!”

  1. zapple100 said

    The one guy that shouldn’t be pitching, AJ Burnett. This guy stunk all season. If the Yankees had a decent picture instead of him they would have run away with the division.

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