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The pinnacle — a gig at Shea Stadium!

Posted by keithosaunders on October 22, 2010

Here is it, folks, a scene from one of my greatest gigs:  A party that took place at Shea Stadium back in 2005.  It was a corporate event held in the diamond club, which was on the skinny level between the loge and reserved sections.  The club had windows which overlooked the stadium.  The party took place in February and there was actually snow on the field, but it did not photograph well since the stadium lights were off.  

Here, for your perusal and envy, I present a photo of the 1986 World Series trophy.  Note the look of pure adulation on my face and the austere pride and respect that drummer Taro Okamoto exhibits toward this hallowed artifact.  

Who knows when the next trophy will be displayed?  If Taro and I are lucky enough to live so long, and to play another such gig, the chances of us being ambulatory are slim at best.  At the very least we will be gray and venerated with the passage of time.  So let’s go Mets…we’re not getting any younger!


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