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Texas and San Francisco: An unlikely, yet delightful matchup

Posted by keithosaunders on October 27, 2010

I love these Series in which I have no rooting interest.  As a Mets fan you would think I would grow tired of this situation, but as documented earlier, my pathological Yankee  hatred prevents me from fully enjoying any Series that they are a part of.  

Some of my favorite non-rooting interest Series have been Pittsburgh v Baltimore, a 7 game thriller featuring my favorite, Willie Stargell, and the we-are-family Pirates.  Then there was the Phillies first Series victory the next year — a 6 game affair against the Kansas City Royals.  I also liked the 1982 Keith Hernandez, Willie McGee Cardinals, who beat the Brewers in 7 games.

OK, I now realize there are too many non-rooting interest Series to list, but you get the idea.  When your team is not involved it allows you to focus on the pure joy and beauty of baseball without the ulcer-inducing tension inherent in rooting for your team. 

Who am I rooting for this year?  I honestly don’t know.  I grew up in Los Angeles hating the Giants because we were supposed to hate the Giants.  Truthfully, however, I did not experience the real inter-city rivalry that my father did growing up in Brooklyn in the 30s and 40s.  The Giants were rarely good in the 70s and early 80s and so were not entirely on my radar. 

I love the way this Texas team plays ball but can I root for a team that was once owned by George Bush?  Not to mention the fact that I am currently living in San Fran, for crying out loud. 

So what I’m really rooting for is a 7 game Series.  If it goes 6 or 7 games I’m sure I’ll have been swayed one way or another.  We haven’t had a 7 game Series since 2002, which was the last time the Giants were involved.  They played the Angels and ended up losing in heart-breaking fashion.  They were ahead 3-2 in games going back to Anaheim, and blew a 5-0 7th inning lead in game 6 before losing the final game 4-1. 

Before I sign off for the day I would like to note that my moving to New York City in 1984 coincided with the emergence of the Mets as a force after a decade of horrible baseball.  Now I show up in the Bay Area and all of a sudden the Giants come from out of nowhere to appear in the fall classic.  Don’t you think that Seattle or Washington should want me to move to their cities?  I am considering all offers.  A nice penthouse apartment on K street, and Nationals season tickets would suit me fine.


4 Responses to “Texas and San Francisco: An unlikely, yet delightful matchup”

  1. hargy13 said

    If you moving to Seattle brings the M’s a World Series appearance, PLEASE MOVE THERE!!! Not that we’re desperate up here…

  2. zapple100 said

    Forget Seattle. Move to Chicago!

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