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How many wins can you spot?

Posted by keithosaunders on November 8, 2010

Yesterday the Raiders and the Chiefs played what had to be one of the wackiest games of the NFL season.  It was a game that featured two fake punts, a pooch punt, over 30 penalties combined between the two teams, and some crazy reffing.

In the first half Chiefs had a 3rd down play at the Raiders 4. They completed a short pass in which the receiver appeared to spin and fall into the endzone.  The Raiders challenged the ruling saying his knee was down on the 1.  They won the challenge but the refs forgot to give them the 1st down, calling it 4th and 1!  The next play also looked like a touchdown (running) but there was a Chiefs penalty.  The refs ruled 4th and goal at the 11 and the Chiefs coach was on the sidelines going ballistic.  The refs got together and realizing their mistake changed it to 1st and goal.  For a minute it looked like they were going to disallow the previous play and rule it at the 1, but they didn’t.  The upshot — a great catch by a Chiefs receiver who just barely stayed in bounds in the back of the endzone.  7-0 Chiefs.

Down 20-17 with just over 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter the Raiders had to gut out a comeback to force an overtime.  After one failed drive they were able to regain the ball with just over 2 minutes remaining and no time outs.  What would a Raiders game be without penalties, and this last drive was no exception.  With 1st and 20 and less than 30 seconds to go Jason Campbell threw a lollypop that receiver Jacoby Ford somehow managed to pluck from two defenders for a 30 yard gain, setting up the tieing 40 yard field goal.  The Chiefs were stopped in the first overtime possession and the Raiders, thanks to another Campbell to Ford completion — a 47 yard diving catch —  were able to kick the winning field goal.

This was the Raiders most meaningful win in years, putting them a 1/2 game behind the Chiefs for the division lead, but this could well be their season’s high point.  I just checked their remaining schedule and it is brutal.
Let’s play how many wins can you spot?  I think it would be easier to find Waldo in this list.  I can see one, maybe two wins —  I’m giving them the Denver and Miami games.   
Sunday, November 21 @ Pittsburgh
Sunday, November 28 Miami 

Sunday, December 5 @ San Diego
Sunday, December 12 @ Jacksonville
Sunday, December 19 Denver
Sunday, December 26 Indianapolis
Sunday, January 2 @ Kansas City


Finally, check out my esteemed fellow blogger, Zapple, to hear about the truly bizarre overtime coin toss.


3 Responses to “How many wins can you spot?”

  1. zapple100 said

    I think The Raiders will beat San Diego, Denver and I’m predicting an upset, they’ll beat The Colts.

  2. They’ll beat Denver, Miami, and J-Ville, trust me


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