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Still some Giant steps to take in 2010

Posted by keithosaunders on November 12, 2010

So far this season the New York Giants look like the class of the NFC.  They have been relatively injury free and their defense looks like night and day compared to last season’s porous mess.  Eli Mainning is having a dream season, and in Hakeem Nicks he’s found a target to replace Plaxico Burris. 

We will soon find out just how serious the Giants are.  They have yet to play the Eagles, who now feature a healthy and lethal Michael Vick.  Also remaining on the schedule are dates with the Vikings, who at appeared to be revitalized last week with a dramatic come-from-behind win over the Cardinals.   They also play the Packers which very well could decide who gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Throw in two dates with the Redskins, and one with Jacksonville and you have one tough second half of a season.  Ironically, the only gimme on the schedule is this week’s home game against the feckless Cowboys. 

Fasten your seatbelts.

6 Responses to “Still some Giant steps to take in 2010”

  1. As a Giants fan, I agree with the fact that the 5 game winning streak has made believers out of people who usually hate the G men.

    After Thursday night, I think the Falcons are a little bit better than the Giants. (Thank God we don’t have to play them in the regular season) That being said, we do have to (as you said) play Green Bay and Philly.

    This is going to seem weird but as far a matchups are concerned I’m a lot more worried about the Eagles than I am the Packers, because the Eagles are stacked at WR and TE and our secondary has a tendency to give up some big plays on third down. Which is precisely why every Giants fan in America should be terrified of DeSean Jackson.

    I want to believe as well, but it’s hard the way the Giants have bit the dust down the strech some years.


  2. jbiii said

    But Dallas?

    The Cowboys? That had to hurt huge.

    • Yeah, and after I dubbed that game the only ‘gimmee in the Giants season. What’s worse is that Philly, who put up a 59 spot on Washington last night, is looking the juggernaut that the league has been missing all year and the Giants still have two games remaining with them.

  3. jbiii said

    Watching NE dismantle Pittsburgh (I mean–Pittsburgh usually wins games 26-13, not losing 39-26 , , ,

    I kinda sorta hafta like the Patriots chances. They will beat Peyton and his Colts in the end, and neither the Eagles nor the Giants have ever really handled Brady and Co.

    I’ll go out on a limb, and predict Patriots by 10 over the Falcons in the Stupid Bowl.

  4. jb said

    Ok, they got lucky once.

    Heckers, neither of us have a clue, really. Move out on that limb a bit, ‘k?


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