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The Cliff Lee sweepstakes

Posted by keithosaunders on November 14, 2010

…or as it is known around the Bronx, a date with destiny.  Frankly, I don’t get it.  Why would Lee want to go to a franchise where it is a given that he will collect a ring?  It strikes me as a lose-lose situation for him.  Either he helps the Yankees to win a championship, in which case he simply did what was expected of him, or he fails and can take his place alongside Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and Carl Pavano in the pantheon of Bronx bums. 

If he stays with Texas and brings them a championship he will be a hero for the ages.  Like Tim Lincecum.  He would be the man instead of one of several stars.  In this sense the Yankees are like the Borg —   Lee can be 1 of 9. 

There is nothing new about this — we’re seeing it with LeBron James this year in Miami.  But here’s the thing:  People root against these teams.  Nobody I know is rooting for LeBron to pick up his ring.  On the contrary, we want Cleveland to (improbably) beat them in the playoffs! 

From the Yankee fan standpoint it becomes even more perplexing.  The Yankee fan will never get to experience the unbridled joy of a Giants fan.  I don’t understand where the fun comes from.  If you root for the Yankees you know that, for the most part, you are going to acquire the best free agents, and that year after year you can book your October ticket.  Sure you won’t make the Series every year but you’ll get your share of them.  Yes, they are playing within the rules, but to me, when winning becomes inevitable  the game becomes boring.

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