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Meet the new boss

Posted by keithosaunders on December 8, 2010

With the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy at least we can put one fallicy to rest:  We now know unequivocally that the Republicans could care less about the federal deficit.  For the past two years the major Republican talking point has been, and continues to be, “smaller government and reduced spending.”  

Let’s run the laundry list.

How about defense?  No cuts there.  

Social Security?  Non-starter.  Leave the senior abuse to the Dems and their death squads. 

Medicare?  Same.

How about federal workers?  Yes!  That will lop a whopping 5 billion off the 3.7 trillion budget.   While we’re at it we’ll cut food stamps, minimum wage, and college grants.  That’s a wrap.

Personally, unless there is much more than meets the eye, I don’t understand the politics.  Obama spent a good deal of time today talking about how the American people were being held hostage by the Republicans and how he didn’t believe in doing harm to hostages.  To these ears that sounded forced and contrived. 

Even when the Democrats held a super-majority in the Congress Obama was constantly playing defense rather than controlling the message.  I get that the Republicans are obstructionists and that their mission from the start has been to oppose any legislation put forth from the new administration.  I feel, however, that Obama holds some culpability for failing to provide a cohesive message.  He claims to care about the middle class but time and again we see an administration that is more corporatist than populist.  From the appointments of Timothy Geithner and Laurence Summers, to the decidedly big-pharma (and insurance company) friendly health care plan, to his failure to prosecute Bush administration officials on war crimes, we see a president who is very much invested in the status quo.

Yes, he staved off a depression, saved the auto industry, and managed to eek out a (tepid) health care bill.  Let’s give the man credit where credit is due.  In the end, though, where is playing it safe going to get him?  Barring a dramatic turn of events in 2012, I fear that the answer will be a one way ticket to Chicago.

One Response to “Meet the new boss”

  1. jb said



    Which of the expenditures you advocate are sanctioned by the United States Constitution? You might respond “They are law, nonetheless” which is true, except—they are still unconstitutional.

    And from whence do the dollars come to pay for the programs? Some great congressional piggy bank in DC? Or the taxpayer’s pocketbook?

    You have great plans as to how to spend OTHER PEOPLE’S money. Charity is not compulsive, or it is not charity. America has three brain-washed generations which think that the “entitlements” (what a misnomer! How are they “entitled?”) which they get are a right.

    They are nothing of the kind. They are all the marxist/socialist/communistic redistribution of wealth BS they always have been. Call them whatever you will. A rose or a turd are still what they are despite the label one gives them.

    And you want to prosecute Bush on war crimes when the Bammster continues the same damn wars? Gimme a break!

    Lookie, Dude, let the Bammster stand on his own two feet without blaming Bush for his own failures, or you and his groupies, excusing him on the basis of Bush. The man takes multi-gazillion dollar trips to India and Afghanistan (the former with an entourage that would have rivaled any emperor of the past). You never address the largest publishing house in the world, which is the Fed, so busy printing Bernanke and Giethner (tax cheat) dollars that the Amazon forests are running out of trees for pulp fiber. No president in history has given the banks so damn much money!

    The Bammster staved off a depression? Laughable. The jobless rate went up (UP) to 9.8% this month, which in reality is twice that amount. He saved the auto industry? Man, is that kool-aid grape, or cherry you’re drinking?

    Keith, you are so busy trying to defend your Democratic dinosaur against the GOP dinosaur that you fail to see the “what is” in all of this.

    Gummint is corrupt, no matter which party is in charge. When you achieve that modicum of understanding, you will begin to see, and understand beyond the glib party sound bites you write and espouse, and actually, get the picture.

    You have thrown more political spaghetti against my wall, hoping it will stick, than anyone else. Not a single strand of pasta stuck. Woodrow Wilson, before his brain checked out for good, understood and apologized for the horror he unleashed in the Fed and the IRS.

    Obama had a different agenda (Alinsky-esque), to be sure, but his intentions are simply an affront to the Constitution.

    As to wars . . . we can have a real donnybrook over that issue! But go bone up on history, first!

    All the best 🙂

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