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Posted by keithosaunders on December 24, 2010

I’m in Hawaii for Christmas.  Wasn’t there an Elvis song, Blue Hawaii?  Well that’s me this year; just me and The King.  I’m not going to waste your time describing what it’s like — you know the drill — tropical climate, the Leis, the Hulas, the Luaus, the one-armed, double-jointed stewardess.  Wait, did I go one too many?

A few points of interest are worth noting and then we’ll forget this ever happened.  After arriving at Kona Airport my sons and I drove one of the rental cars while my wife, ex-neighbor, and daughter took the other one.  Naturally, being guys, the  first thing we did was to check out the local radio stations.   First station,  reggae; second station, reggae; third station, smooth jazz; fourth station, reggae.  We even heard Christmas reggae music. 

“We wish you a reggae Christmas and a reggae New Year!” 

It’s a little too much, if you ask me.  There’s no jazz here, only of the smooth variety, and that’s not jazz, but Muzak to my ears. 

I don’t know how real sports fans live here.  Besides the fact that there are no pro local teams, with the earlier time zone the basketball and hockey games all begin at 2PM and are over with with by 9PM.  What do you do after that…listen to reggae? 

There is one perc, however.  This Sunday the Giants play a huge game in Green Bay against the Packers.  The game begins at 8AM Hawaiian time.  The way things are playing out I’ll be able to watch the entire game without disrupting my families’ plans.  I am da winnah.

2 Responses to “Aloha”

  1. bkivey said

    Glad to see you’re enjoying America’s tropical paradise. About ten years ago the company I worked for got an engineering contract for the Federal Detention Center at the Honolulu airport so my boss and I got paid to live nearly a year in Waikiki. I’m not gonna lie, it was great.

    I see you’ve discovered the anomalies of the local sports scene. I got used to watching a lot of games on tape delay. The upside was that during football season I could eat breakfast at a local bar while watching the early games and by 6PM the games were done, leaving time to do other things.

    Not much reggae when we were there, but a lot of Hawai’ian music. Turns out you actually miss it when you go back to the mainland. One station played beach music (Jan & Dean, Beach Boys) on Sunday afternoons so we’ed cruise the North Shore with the radio on. Good times.

    • Yes, I have heard tons of Beach Boys during my stay here. It was most bizarre the two days leading up to Christmas — hearing all of that Christmas music in Hawaii. I hadn’t realized the Beach Boys had recorded so much of it!

      It must have been great living and working here for an entire year. I guess you could get used to that!

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