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Where are the good announcers of the NBA?

Posted by keithosaunders on December 26, 2010

I was watching a little of the Magic/Celtics game this afternoon on ABC and Hubie Brown was doing the color commentary.  When I moved to New York back in 1984 he was the coach of the Knicks.  His first two years he coached them into the playoffs but the next two, which led to his firing, were awful 24 and 23 win seasons.  These were the Knicks of Rory Sparrow, Michael Ray Richardson, and Trent Tucker.  I remember going to the Garden,sitting in the upper deck, and being able to hear Brown yelling at his players, exhorting them at the top of his lungs to pick and roll, foul, and play defense. 

Maybe he was a good coach but he is a terrible announcer.  Simply put he doesn’t shut up.  He fills every single second of dead air with his nasally, raspy, drone of a voice.  There is no such concept as ‘letting the game breathe’ when Brown is behind the mic.  He has a didactic way of intoning, as if he’s talking down to us. 

Outside of Marv Albert I cannot think of one good basketball announcer.  I used to love Walt Frazier who does color commentary for the Knicks.  There must be some other good local announcers that I am unaware of, but nationally they are either grating, like Brown, or generically bland. 

In baseball and football I can name several announcers that I enjoy listening to.  I am not a big hockey fan but I have watched enough games to know that they have a much higher caliber announcer than basketball does. 

So I ask you:  Who are they, and where are they?


Hubie Brown

8 Responses to “Where are the good announcers of the NBA?”

  1. jmulder26 said

    I don’t get to catch most basketball games on TV, but I agree. I prefer radio announcers to the TV guys any day, they make the game more exciting.

  2. zapple100 said

    Maybe it’s because I’m from NY, I thought Marv Albert was the best. “He shoots, yes.”
    He made watching the games exciting.

  3. Blair Ivey said

    Brian Wheeler does Portland TrailBlazer radio play-by-play and in addition to having a smooth voice and polished delivery he’s a complete homer. He’s quoted in his Wikipedia entry as saying he’d call games like a fan, and he absolutley does. Very entertaining. The only time I’ve heard him miss a call was last season when the Blazer dancers enetered the booth while the game was in progress and he became completely flustered. About the funniest 90 seconds I’ve heard on radio.

  4. Gus Johnson is my personal favorite. He calls everything from Basketball to Football and UFC. He brings an excitement and energy that I have not found in any other announcer thus far. Marv included.

  5. NBACro said

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    […]Where are the good announcers of the NBA? « The World According to Keitho[…]…

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