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Posted by keithosaunders on January 6, 2011

How strange it is for me to associate home with the Bay Area but that is indeed the case.  This afternoon I flew home to the west coast for the first time in 27 years.  The trip to New York was a good one, both work-wise and personally.  I got to spend some great time with my friend Jeff in the Bronx as well as see other friends and former colleagues. 

It’s bittersweet, however, as I return to a life bereft of gigs.  In New York I was working three to five nights a week as well as teaching.  Here I have had to start from square one in a jazz scene that is not as busy as New York’s.  It is daunting to say the least.  Still I look forward to the few gigs I have, as well as getting back into hanging out and meeting new people.     

I have to say that San Francisco kicks ass when it comes to airport transportation.  It’s a quick walk through the terminal to the elevated air train.  From there it’s a five-minute ride to the BART station which gets me to within two miles of my home.  In New York you have a choice between a 40 dollar cab ride, for which you’re going to have to wait on a long line, or an air train that takes you to a subway station in Jamaica Queens.  It’s confusing, cumbersome, and unpleasant. 

So put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, New York!

3 Responses to “Home”

  1. bkivey said

    I see BART’s made some improvements since I lived in SF. I always flew out of OAK: 10 min. bus ride to Market St., board the train at Montgomery St., get off at the Colliseum/Airport, catch the shuttle to the terminal. I never bothered to compare fares because SFO was a hassle to get to and from.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of using the NY airports. I did some work one winter in NJ and even though there was a handy commuter train that stopped in town and would take you to Penn Station, the company had us using Baltimore.


    • My wife tells me that the BART airport extension cost two billion to build and is one of the reasons that BART is so expensive.

      • bkivey said

        Holy Mackeral! That comes to about $240 million per mile. I see that the trip I mentioned from SF to OAK would run about $9 these days and take about an hour. The same trip where I live now costs $2.35 and takes about ninety minutes. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll write a post comparing selected airport transit systems. Perhaps a website . . .

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