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Baby needs a new pair of shoes…NOT APPROVED!

Posted by keithosaunders on February 17, 2011

These days budget cuts are all the rage in Washington D.C.  The new sexy talking point around the beltway is ‘cutting spending.’  All that money flushed down the toilet on needless programs like college aid, job training, and the EPA will finally be saved. 

Funny thing, though.  When George Bush was in office I didn’t read one word about cutting spending.  He couldn’t spend money fast enough.  Under his regime we saw an enormous expansion of government — two wars and the creation of the bureaucratic black hole that is homeland security.    The tax cuts for the rich made it certain that we would go into massive debt.   It was the go-go aughties, however, and everyone knew that real estate prices would continue to go up for the rest of time.  Taxes?  We didn’t need any stinkin’ taxes!

But I have to hand it to the Republicans.  They always manage to outmaneuver the Democrats.  They stay two steps ahead at all times.  When they were in power they spent money like drunken sailors.  By the time the Democrats got in there was only one thing to do:  Cut spending.  

With the massive poverty and the harm to our infrastructure that will result from these cuts guess which party is going to take the blame?  This clears the way for the next Republican administration and the spending can begin anew. 



One Response to “Baby needs a new pair of shoes…NOT APPROVED!”

  1. jb said

    C’mon, Dude . . .

    There isn’t a dime’s difference in what either the Dems or the GOP will spend. Casting it like you just did can be done in precisely the opposite direction. It is silly beyond belief to imagine either party actually gives a flying flip about any of us who actually pay the taxes and the bills they run up. Do you think the either party is fiscally responsible? If you do, you have not one way to prove it. No one does.

    What you and millions other need to “get” is this is what all government does to its people–sucks out their money and screws them over when the programs go south or sour.

    Now there’s a news flash!

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