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Reinventing the interview

Posted by keithosaunders on March 17, 2011

My best friend, who worked in radio, once told me that the response from a guest that an interviewer most fears is,    “…well there’s not much to tell.” 

I submit to you exhibit A —  a promotional video of Chick Corea called Reinventing the Trio. 

When asked to talk about his acoustic trio, which features Stanley Clarke and Lenny White, Chick responds, “Very cool trio.  Good friends.  Lots of potential.”

Ya think?!  Chickey baby, throw us a fricken bone!  I know there must be some gems from the olden days that you could unearth.  How great would it have been if the Chick had offered, “I remember during the Light As a Feather Sessions– we were zooted out of our minds, having mixed ludes with jack and coke, when Stanley suggested we all get naked and sing La Marseillaise while going through Scientology auditing.”  

Now that would have been a something worth hearing.  Instead we get this nugget: 

 “It just became too complex to play electric instruments.  I realized what a pleasure it was to play with acoustic bass.”  

What the…?  Now you come to that conclusion?!  It took you thirty-five years to realize that fusion is a dead-end street?  I could have told you that thirty years ago. 

On the plus side, he’s still playing great piano.  This link will get you to Nick O’Conner’s blog where you can see a video of Chick playing Someday My Prince Will Come.  Here’s hoping for more acoustic music and less interviews.



3 Responses to “Reinventing the interview”

  1. Wow…what an experience to interview a legend like that! Amazing, you must have a ton of questions!

    • Sorry if I misled you, but it wasn’t me who interviewed the great one. I came across that video on youtube. I will ink to your blog so that people can hear Chick doing what he does best, which is playing.

  2. zapple100 said

    This sounds really good. I’m gonna look into this one.

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