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Thank you, NCAA

Posted by keithosaunders on March 28, 2011

We’re home free.  Three more days — bink, blank, blunk — and it’s baseball season.  I can do that standing on my head.  The NCAA tournament did its job well this year.  It bridged the gap between unwatchable midseason hockey and basketball, and got us through to the other side to baseball season.

This years tournament was a honey.  The first Thursday was chock full of buzzer-beating game winners, and third round (really the second round)weekend gave us some compelling upsets and a generous dose of Jimmer Fredette. 

This past weekend, beginning with Friday night’s late games, saw a run of great endings, the likes of which I have never seen before.  Six taut, thrilling games in a row.  The Ohio State/Kentucky sweet 16 game,  a back and forth shoot out, featured a great ending that saw Ohio State tieing the game up with a three with 20 seconds to go, and Kentucky’s Brandon Knight immediately answering with a 20 footer.  

VCU won their sweet 16 game in overtime and two days later stared down Kansas to become just the third 11th seeded team to advance to the final four. 

What a run Butler has had these past two years!  They’ll be going to the final four as an eight seed after their sweet 16 victory over Wisconsin, followed by the overtime win against Florida two days later.

The two underdogs will play each other, ensuring there will be at least one cinderella team in the final, which will be played a week from Monday.  Kentucky and UConn will square off in the other game.  Me, I’m rooting for Butler to finish the job they started last year, but most of all I’m rooting for these next three days to be over with!    


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