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Keitho presents: Conversations with singers

Posted by keithosaunders on April 6, 2011

Singer:  Is this Keitho, the piano player?

Keitho:  Yes it is…

Singer:  Are you available to do a gig tomorrow night?  I’m not home and don’t have my book in front of me.  I may have already gotten someone, but are you available?

Keitho:  No, I’m not.  I’m already gigging.

Singer:  Darn it!


The question is, was she upset because she really wanted me on the gig, or that she missed out on a chance to double-book?  It’s a question worthy of Talmudic scholarship.


2 Responses to “Keitho presents: Conversations with singers”

  1. Blair Ivey said

    So what’s the protocol if you show up for a gig and find yourself double-booked and you’re services aren’t required? Do you get an appearance fee? Do you go all ‘Pulp Fiction’ by pulling out a large handgun and saying “Say double-booked again, M____F____!” What’s the deal?

    • Oh man, I love that one — I may try it one day! Actually I’m surprised I haven’t tried it up untill now.

      Fortunatley double booking is a fairly rare occurance, but it’s common enough that if you ask any musician about it, he or she will nod their head knowingly and recount a few war stories for you. You hope that the leader will do the right thing and make it up to you, either with full/partial payment, or by hiring you for subsequent gigs. That said, except for rare cases, there is no guarantee of receiving compensation.

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