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Mellowing on Melo

Posted by keithosaunders on April 19, 2011

Back in February when the Knicks made the blockbuster deal with Denver, trading half of their squad for Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, and a cast of thousands, the sports punditry proclaimed, “When you have a chance to obtain someone of that caliber, you must make the move.”  I ask you, what caliber?  Where is the brilliance we were promised; the prodigious scoring, and the seven rebounds per game?

All I see is a player who chucks up threes with reckless abandon.  To be fair, that’s all any Knick, save for Amare Stoudemire, does.  Never mind that there isn’t a team in the history of the NBA that has won a championship by relying on the trey as their main line of attack.  Coach Mike D’antoni is committed to this style of play, and his team has bought into the system.

The Knicks should have won game one of their playoff series with Boston.  They let a 12 point lead evaporate by eschewing penetration while chucking up brick after brick from beyond the arc.

When you have a player with the reputation and the stature of an Anthony, I expect more than just a three-point shooter.  WIth four seconds remaining in the game, with his team down by two, Carmelo’s answer was to fire up yet another desperation three.  You would think, without a clear look at the basket, he would try to get to the line to tie the game and send it into overtime.  Not this player, and not on this team.

5 Responses to “Mellowing on Melo”

  1. Yeah, I was a huge Carmelo Anthony fan up until this year. I thought it was silly that he knew he was going to New York the whole time but just didn’t admit it. New York was where he wanted to be all along.

    I also think this idea that a guy’s offense is his defense is long since past. I really do. What you now have in the league today is a bunch of guys like Carlos Boozer who think they can just not play defense and as long as they drop 20 and ten it’s all good. Basketball is played on the whole length of the floor.


  2. jb said

    The Knicks should not have won Game one because they obviously lost it, nor could they win Game two for the same reason. It is not because Boston has more talent, it is because Doc Rivers has drilled those guys about “ego.”

    2-0. Might be a sweep.

    • Rivers coached his ass off tonight. He doubled teamed Melo and dared any other Knick to beat them. As great as Carmelo was, if you asked me who I would rather have — him or Kevin Garnett — I”ll take Garnett. He made the clutch shot and defensive play. Rondo was amazing too. Just an amazing playoff game.

  3. I can’t find the bathroom here

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