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End of an era

Posted by keithosaunders on May 2, 2011

Tonight the news broke that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by American special forces.  I spent an hour watching network news, as well as viewing president Obama’s address to the nation.  The news anchors could not overstate the importance of the event, calling it an end of an era that defined a generation.  On screen a series of stock footage of Obama, as well as troops wearing black ski masks holding automatic weapons, endlessly looped.

Obama’s speech was understated and humble, if not a little short on details.  Listening to the speech I could not help but recall Bush’s 2003 Mission Accomplished  speech aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, announcing the end of major combat operations in Iraq.  That speech was arrogant and smug, and ultimately untrue, as the war continues to drag on to this day. 

By the same token, despite what the talking heads say, I have a hard time believing that we have turned a corner in this so-called war on terror.  Yes, the man who is responsible for one of the great American tragedies is gone, but look at all that remains in the aftermath.  Still in place are the Patriot Act, warrantless wire-tapping, unlawful detainment, and the continuing abuse of civil liberties at our airports.  Furthermore, I have a hard time getting excited about Osama’s death in 2011, when he could have, and should have been captured at Tora Bora back in 2001. 

It is way too early to know what effect Bin Laden’s death will have on the nation, but one thing is certain — politically, this is a boon to Obama’s 2012 campaign.  The Republican party is chock full of fringe candidates, and whoever wins the nomination will be unable to attack Obama on being weak on defense.  Even if the economy only marginally improves he will be a lock.

5 Responses to “End of an era”

  1. I wish you were right, my friend, concerning the conservative fringe. But if you put on conservative radio this morning, you’ll see that as far as they’re concerned, nothing has changed. No credit is given to Obama for getting Bin Laden. You will that either: 1) this operation pre-dates Obama, 2) Only the military personnel should get credit for this or 3) Obama should give credit to Bush / Cheney for getting the ball rolling in the first place. In fact, many of them believe this whole thing is just a hoax.
    But I do think Obama will win the next election anyway, so screw the nutcases.

    • Agreed about the fringe right. It’s still a little early in the process — by the fall we’ll have a much better idea of who will be running – but as of now I don’t see the Republicans having anyone talented enough to mount a serious challenge to Obama. And if there were someone that was highly regarded, I would think that he or she want to wait another four years and not have to run against a incumbent.

  2. verdun2 said

    Obama isn’t the greatest President we ever had (I vote for Washington), but compared to the Neanderthals and light weights the GOP is setting up to face him, he looks like Washington or Lincoln or Jackson. I agree that this will help him a lot, but I’m not sure that “we’ve turned a corner in the war on terrorism”, as so many of the pundits have been saying. There’s still a lot of anti-American screwballs out there.

    • Right, and I think one could make the argument, at least in the near future, that we will be in greater danger of a terrorist attack. The entire response to September 11th, especially the Iraq war, seemed destined to put us at greater peril.

  3. I’m voting for a crumbcake next year

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