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Gumball unis

Posted by keithosaunders on May 5, 2011

The other day I was watching a game between the Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers.  It was a Monday afternoon game which the A’s eventually one in 10 innings on a walk off home run by Hideki Matsui.  What struck me about the game — aside from the great ending — was the alternate uniforms worn by each team.  The A’s have these retro ’70s bright yellow jerseys that they wear occasionally at home.  The Rangers wore a bright, royal blue top, as opposed to their travelling grays.

For some reason these colors  — the yellow and blue — looked great together.  Maybe it is because they are primary colors, and bright ones at that.  They looked like gum balls.

I was searching for a photo that showed both uniform in the same shot, but could not find one.  Instead, in keeping with the retro theme, I’ll give you a photo of Coco Crisp with his Oscar Gamble style ‘fro. 

Rangers starter Matt Harrison

5 Responses to “Gumball unis”

  1. Yeah, those retro uniforms of the A’s are really nice. I bet they are making lots of money with them. I was at that game and it was great to see Coco rocking the fro again. I may do a short piece on my blog about hairdos in baseball.


  2. zapple100 said

    Here’s the classic picture of Oscar Gamble with the Yankees:

    I like the old Oakland A’s uniforms with the white shoes. What made unique was that they were the only ones to have the colorful uniform at the time. That Charlie O ahead of the game.

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