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More Weiners, less hysteria

Posted by keithosaunders on June 12, 2011

If people think that Congressman Anthony Weiner should resign because he sent lewd photos over Twitter, they should have their head examined.  What does that have to do with his ability to do his job?  While it’s not the smartest thing for a politician to do, it is naive to think that they don’t have foibles.  Heck, foible-schmoible, he didn’t even cheat.

What’s worse?  He could be an alcoholic, a drug abuser, or a wife beater.  He could have started an illegal war.  Why is the fact that Bush invaded Iraq with no evidence not a scandal? 

It so happens that often times Republican politicians are implicated in these sex scandals.  Who can forget the wide-stance guy, or the Appalachian trail guy.  And there’s always Arnold “cup the balls”  Schwarzenegger.  The only difference I see is that at least the Democrats aren’t preaching bullshit politics, such as family values and abstinence.  When one of your boiler plate hypocrite Republicans gets caught canoodling around, he really looks silly.

To sum up:  We’re all sexual creatures.  Those of us not “doing it” are thinking about “doing it.”  For me, the bigger story is the arrogance of the politician that thinks, in this instantaneous digital age, he can get away with it.  I suppose it takes that same arrogance to consider running for office.

6 Responses to “More Weiners, less hysteria”

  1. bkivey said

    Hi Keith,

    I don’t think the outrage over Anthony ‘The Sexter” Weiner’s actions stem not so much from the act, altough he did show remarkebly poor judgement, but more from the fact that he lied about what happened for a solid week. To his constituents, his wife, his collegues, the press, the investigators, and anyone else who asked him about it. A lot of people who initially came to his defense were made to look very foolish.

    You cite the cases of Larry Craig and Mark Sanford. I think that those two incidents bracket Rep. Weiner’s. Even if the allegations against Craig were true in fact, nothing actually happend. Gov. Sanford’s transgression was far worse than Weiner’s, not only from a marital perspective but in the betrayal of his duty to his constituents. The man disappeared for six days while governor of South Carolina. He should have resigned, and because he failed to do so, the Legislature started impeachment proceedings. It’s interesting to note that the proceedings were initiated by Republicans but blocked by Democrats. Eventually the Republican-controlled House of Representives decided they had better things to do (like what?!).

    Can we please lay the ‘Bush Lied, People Died” shibboleth to rest? Bush acted on information developed by both CIA and MI5. Acting in good faith on bad information is not the same as acting in bad faith.

    • See, I can’t get crazy over a man lying about an affair. Again, it has nothing to do with his job. We know what Breitbart’s act is — if you ask me, he is the true slimeball in this ‘scandal.’ Man sends a nude picture? So what! He didn’t even cheat on his wife.

      I agree with you that the Sanford case is the worst of the lot, since he really was remiss in his duty as governor. There’s no excuse for that. The Craig thing is maddening because the guy supported legislation that was anti-gay. He’s a closeted hypocrite.

      We’re over a trillion dollars poorer thanks to Bush’s “judgement.” Of course they had no real evidence. They were itching to get into Iraq five minutes after the towers fell. This is the real scandal that the media will never report on. If only Bush had received a blowjob!!

  2. verdun2 said

    Just saw on msnbc that Weiner’s agreed to leave It at least ends this thing.

  3. jb said


    Breitbart keeps outing wiedo liberals who have no excuses–the stuck pig squeals every time.

    A man lying about his sexual proclivities is not likely to lie to you as a voter? Just stop defending Weiner. He screwed up huge, got caught huge, and nobody on the left will defend him. His own wife won’t defend him!!! What does that say??? So stop the silly stuff.

    Dishonesty is dishonesty, quit defending the indefensible is indefensible.

    The Bammster has taken us so far past Bush that for you to blame Bush anymore is Weiner-ish. Bush can’t touch the debt the Bammster has racked up. Communists do that, and blame everyone else. Do you even look at the financial wreck the Bammster has, by himself without Bush, created? Or do you just regurgitate party lines?

    And do your homework—the Democrats were as eager to get into Iraq right after Afghanistan, because the oil money was there, and all of the thieving bastards in Congress made a ton of money from both moves, which were agreed upon by both sides, even before 9/11.

    A pox on both parties. Man, you need to get over your partisan politics and see reality. “Cause as long as half of the lectorate continues to act stupid and think marxism is the cure, you hand the voctory to the fascists. Don’t know if you get that point, but start trying.


    • Sorry jb, I cannot read pig squeels without thinking of that scene in Deliverance. You know the one!

      Actually Weiner was fairly critical of some of Obama’s policies. He was a good watchdog for the left. As I have said time and again, Obama is not that liberal. But I love your nickname for him — the Bammster! I’m thinking of co-opting it. That is if you don’t mind, of course.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • jb said


        Both parties have a-holes . . . we need to stop defending politicians who, while they might do some good, are narcissistic sob’s that will lie through their teeth when caught.

        Got the “Deliverance” part.

        Hey, use “The Bammster.” Make me famous! Check my site or your links—got something on the original bigs you might like.

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