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Sayonara to interleague

Posted by keithosaunders on July 2, 2011

The exhibition season is almost over, and by that I mean interleague play.  Just two more days and we can get back to real baseball.  Unfortunately for the Mets they scored an entire week’s worth of runs in two games played earlier this week against the Tigers; 14 on Tuesday, and 16 on Wednesday.  Since then they have gone cold, just in time for the bi-annual subway series. 

What a crock of shit interleague play is.  Nobody, save for a handful of New Yorkers and Chicagoans gives a rats ass about these games.  I don’t even think the Bay Bridge series is that big of a deal, although I have yet to garner first hand proof as I managed to be out-of-town for both of their meetings this year.

Really, though, who cares about Milwaukee vs Seattle, or Pittsburgh, vs Kansas City?  Sure, you can have some fun with some rematches of past World Series, but is this worth disrupting the flow of the regular season?

Me, I’d rather see the Mets play more games against the Cardinals and Dodgers than have to suffer through the interleague portion of the season.  Intra-league matchups, even those out of the division, can be worth a game in the standings when you take into account the wild card race.  Interleague games are worth a 1/2 game at best. 

So let’s put this asinine section of the schedule behind us.  Time for the meat and potatoes of the season!

10 Responses to “Sayonara to interleague”

  1. zapple100 said

    I agree with what you said, and, let’s get rid of the DH. It takes away from so much of the game.

    • Have you heard of that ridiculous proposal to eliminate divisions and create two 15 team leagues that would play each other all season? The only good thing of that plan might be the need to do away with the dh, since they would all have to play by the same rules.

      • zapple100 said

        The only time a NL team should play an AL team is in the World Series. That’s what makes it special. Even if your team don’t make to the Series, you want you league to win.
        Next thing you know they’re gonna tear down Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.

      • I’m staying in the Bronx now and my friend was saying what a shame it was that they tore down the old Yankee Stadium. He says the new one looks nice from the outside, but inside it’s merely a generic stadium. He made the point that there aren’t a lot of monnuments in our country. At least if they had built the new stadium on the site of the old stadium people coukld say, Babe Ruth once played here. Now that is lost. A testament to greed.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, but we may be in the minority here as fan attendance seems to spike around the Majors for many of these games. But the novelty factor, for me, faded away a long time ago.
    Meanwhile, the Braves get the Mariners, and the Mets get the Yanks (every year.) How is that fair?
    Regards, Bill

    • I could almost live with the Mets having to play the Yankees every year if they limited it to one series. The novelty is long gone and I think if they pared interleague down it could at least be tolerable.

  3. Chris said

    An absolutely awful analysis of interleague play IMHO. You fail to cite the reasons why you dislike interleague play in detail when the majority of baseball fans like myself love it. Sure NY fans like myself love playing the enemy in our home park which is great for bragging rights but you fail to take in to account that this is just a game. Stop being so serious, baseball is entertainment. MLB players love interleague play as well. Although free agency has destroyed some of the luster and the high number of teams hurts the competitive feel, on any given day I rather watch my Mets play the Angels for the first time in like 4 years than watch us play the dreadful Nationals every year. Interleague baseball is good publicity, good for business which in turn is great for baseball. The NY Mets sold out the three games series against the Yankees at Citi Field which was only the 4 sellout for them this year. It was great to watch them score all those runs against the Tigers and play by AL rules allowing the DH. Interleague is far from being a problem in baseball its actually alot closer to being a cure. THe real problems with baseball start with parity. NO payroll limits allows teams like the rED SOX AND YANKEES compete every year on payrolls hovering around 200 million. Baseball needs a salary cap. No way can small market teams can realistically compete for the WS. Baseball is a sport of greed and the lack of a salary cap kills the fun. I am so sick and tired of seeing the same teams in the playoffs year after year. The rich also seem to get richer. So instead of worrying so much about interleague play how about we get to the root of the problem. Second problem is the fact that baseball and this my friends is dumb is the only pro sport that has 2 different leagues and allows different rules. I am a NL fan of the DH because pitchers cant hit but to have two different rules is a joke. I am tired of the rally killing in the pitchers spot and the use of several bench players throughout the game as a PH for the pitcher in a tight spot in NL play. Baseball is hard enough to score runs now we handicap the offense. This makes no sense at all!

    • Hey Chris. welcome, and great comment. I actually think I did explain what I do not like about interleague, but you’re right, I could go more indepth. I will in my next post, which will be a rebuttle to your comment. Stay tuned…

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  5. jb said

    You NL’er’s . . .

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