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Posted by keithosaunders on August 6, 2011

How interesting that we never once heard the phrase, ‘debt ceiling’ uttered while Bush co. was bankrupting the country giving tax breaks to the obscenely wealthy, and starting wars with five trillion-dollar price tags. We know now that the fix is in and the deck is stacked.  The middle class is screwed and the poor may as well be serfs.

It is a simple case of misdirection. Our most dire need is job creation, yet stunningly the deficit has become the battle cry for an obstructionist Congress, and president Obama, for reasons unknown to me, has been all too happy to accommodate.

To hear the media report on the debt ceiling deal — a deal that will gut social programs, and decimate Medicare —  you would think that there was a sound argument for balancing the budget at the expense of the needy.  Though there is no basis, Tea Party Congressmen are not portrayed as incompetent hacks, but capable, altruistic politicians.

Yet somehow Obama is considered a liberal.  I’m hoping he will be challenged from his left flank next year. He needs a wake up call, as does the country.

I shouldn’t sell my countrymen short, however. People can recognize a bum steer when they see one.  The trouble stems from a complacent media — a media that all too willing to give credence, in the interest of fairness to  arguments that are, at best,  skewed, and at worst, a clear and present danger to the working class.


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