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That just happened

Posted by keithosaunders on September 29, 2011

Wow.  Just wow.  What an amazing night of baseball.  I barely, and I mean barely, was able to see a good portion of it.

Here on the west coast the sporting night begins early — at 4PM — and since I had a rehearsal at precisely that time, I turned to my old friend the DVR.  I set it to record both the Redsox/Orioles game, and the Braves/Phillies game.  I knew I couldn’t watch them both, but my thinking was that if the Sox game was a blowout I would switch to the Braves game, insuring the greatest possible bang for my figurative buck.

The thing about taping baseball is that the games almost always exceed their allotted scheduling.  This means that you must tape the next few scheduled events or risk missing the end of the game.  I had to do this for both games and since they were both on ESPN (one was on the deuce) I realized that there were potential late game pitfalls.  Both stations run similar post game programming so it was going to be tricky discerning which station had which game once the initial three-hour block expired. 

Between the rehearsal, making dinner, and walking the dog I didn’t get to the baseball until 8:30 Pacific time.  I decided to watch the Redsox game since I was in the mood for tragedy.  For a while it looked like I had made the right choice.  It was a close, tense affair, and by the 7th inning Boston was clinging to a 3-2 lead.

Then…a rain delay.  This was the first inkling that this was not going to be an entirely smooth evening.  How was I going to find the proper event stored for completing the game?  Would I have enough recorded events to see the ending?      

No matter — I switched to the Braves game.  I knew that it was 3-2 Braves late.  It was a simple matter of forwarding the event to the 2.20 mark, which was where I had left off in the Boston game.

I picked it up in the top of the 8th inning in time to see the Braves reliever, Jonny Venters. work out of a jam.  They failed to score in their half of the inning and in the 9th they brought on their closer, Craig Kimbrel, who promptly blew the save.  And at that moment the recording lapsed.

I went to my stored recordings and tried the first one I saw only to find weight lifting.  I tried another and saw it was the Braves, but…it was the 12th inning.  Somehow I had skipped over the intervening innings.  Of course I was miffed, but at least I might get to see the ending.  Jayson Heyward led off the inning with a double and was sacrificed to third, but the Braves could not get him home. 

The tape ran out again so I went to the next event.  It was the Redsox and Orioles in the bottom of the 9th with two outs!  (somehow I skipped the Braves  and managed to miss the ending of that one)  The Orioles were down to their last strike when Nolan Reimold smashed a ground rule double off of Jonathan Papelbon tying the game.  Robert Andino followed suit with a single that Carl Crawford could only trap.  Game over! 

But this was not all.  The Tampa Rays had dug themselves out of a 7-0 hole to tie the Yankees.  They were playing in the 12th inning, and after the Sox game ESPN promptly switched over.  Evan Longoria was at the plate and he hit a line drive home run that barely cleared the left field wall.  The Rays had  come back from the dead to take the wildcard!

Part of me had been hoping for some Thursday baseball, but I was happy with the two teams that won, and glad that I managed to see a large portion of the action.  The best part is that these pair of choking teams — the Braves and Redsox — have eclipsed the Mets debacle of 2007.  Happy days are here again!

And now onto hockey.  What’s this you say?  Playoffs?  No, I’m afraid that for me the enjoyable portion of the season has come to its conclusion.  Nothing remains but another Yankee post season.  I have a sinking feeling that they’re about to embark on a run that will end in Joe Girardi changing his uniform number yet again.  

Now where did I put that Sharks schedule? 

10 Responses to “That just happened”

  1. tophatal said

    And now is the season of discontent “ within ” Red Sox Nation ” . Heads are about roll over this .

    Let me know what you think ?

    Pick ’em At Your Peril ….

    It’s Never Too Late To Apologize It’s All In How You Say It ……….

    Merely click on the links shown to view .

    WEEI will castigate the front office , managers and players alike for this meltdown !

    To think that they had a lead of over 7 1/2 games three weeks ago and now this ?

    tophatal …………

  2. jb said

    Of course, as a Sox fan, I am now in official mourning until spring, but I have to agree, that was quite a series of events, and it all happened at virtually the same time. No one could have written such a script.

    I wouldn’t count the Rays out of anything, and the Yanks haven’t look all that automatic, the Sox were just that bad. But we shall see . . .

    All of that aside, for anyone who says the game of baseball is boring and tedious, they got their comeuppance last night. Even with my team losing, I was saying “WOW!” at what I watched.

    • I think the Sox had too many injuries to overcome. Losing Youkalis left a gaping hole in their lineup and Crawford was a major disappointment. Ortiz made a terrible play last night (I think in the 7th) making the second out while trying to stretch a single into a double. What was on his mind?!

      For a while I was into the Redsox since they are the enemy of my enemy, but now their act has worn thin. I can’t stomach these high payroll teams that spend like drunken sailers.

      I heard some guy on ESPN radio this morning talking about the Rays and their miniscule payroll. He said that the Royals, Orioles, and Pirates actually look down on them as being ‘cheap.’ Also…terrible job out of the Rays fans! Their stadium was half empty. They make Los Angelino’s look hard core! I wish the Rays would move…I think Berkeley could use a team.

      And finally…what a chicken shit move by the Mets taking Reyes out of the game after only one at bat so that he could win a batting title. But why should I be surprised by anything that team does?

      • tophatal said

        Common sense is nowhere to be found within the Mets’ organization ! You have to remember that both Katz , Wilpon and the Mets are subject to a civil suit in US Federal Court .

        tophatal ……….

  3. jb said

    Joe Maddon is a great manager. Yeah, the sad fact is that payrolls and gazillion dollar contracts often cloud matters over, but I give the Rays and the Cards total credit—they played like they wanted October, and the Sox and Braves did not.

    They resurrected the whole season last night alone. As a Sox fan (we’re used to this feeling), I am not exactly pleased, but I am very happy with the state of the game, and especially for the Rays and Tigers and Brewers. I love “baseball” more than I love my “team (the Sox)” . . . and baseball was the big winner last night.

    As a Sox fan, you have to admit, I cannot be more objective about it all than that! 🙂

  4. Blair Ivey said

    I suppose that you will be following the Tigers now?

    • Oh yeah, I’m deeply into the TIgers. Having beaten the Crankees in the playoffs twice in the last five years they have earned my unqualified suport for life. Plus you have to like Leyland who is an old-school, gutty manager with a lot of personality. I’ll be rooting for the Tigers to take out Texas and to beat whatever NL team comes out.

      Now I’m looking forward to these two game fives tonight. I’m rooting Milwaukee, and , I guess, Philly. I hate LaRussa, but as a Mets fan I hate to see Philly won anything. Mostly I just want a good game.

  5. jb said

    No Yanks this year! Go Tigers.

  6. jb said

    I had some long post I was going to write but you got it right

    Good post-season thus far.

    A Cards-Tiger WS would be fine by me.

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