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Behind the black curtain

Posted by keithosaunders on October 20, 2011

Each time I see one of those NFL refs disappear behind the black curtain to review a play I wonder what he’s actually looking at.  I mean, what is behind the curtain?

I’m picturing a Times Square-esque Show World setup circa 1984.  

The ref steps behind the curtain and instead of a TV monitor he finds a coin operated machine.  He pops two bits into the slot and an automated window slowly rolls open to reveal a sultry naked lady. 

In the meantime we home viewers are treated to expert analysis by some former ref in a Los Angeles TV studio.  “This is what will happen, yadda yadda yadda…”    

The ref does his business, exits the booth, and announces to the crowd…

(all together now)


6 Responses to “Behind the black curtain”

  1. Hey Keith, Someone’s mind is in the gutter, where it should be.
    Good stuff, Bill

  2. Blair Ivey said

    A few weeks ago James Lofton, the color guy on Westwood One’s Sunday Night Football crew, suggested that the refs be handed a tablet with the replay loaded. Assuming the tablets are plugged into the camera feeds, the device could be run out to the field, saving time. This sounded like a good idea, until you consider the drawbacks: lighting and crowd noise chief among them. I guess we’re stuck with the time-consuming march to the replay hood. Given the creeping ‘legalization’ of NFL (and MLB) play, I’m waiting for the day a Federal judge will be required to issue rulings.

    • I seem to be in the minority as someone who can live with mistakes. I think human error is a part of life. For decades we got along just fine without replay. My biggest fear, and one that has the mark of inevitability, is that baseball will add replay, turning 3.5 hour games into 4 hour games.

      • Blair Ivey said

        I’m not a big fan of replay, for the reason you cite, and it adds time to the game. It wasn’t so very long ago that baseball games routinely ran 2 -2.5 hrs. Now we’re lucky to get one in three, unless LaRussa is managing, then you’d better bring a good book.

  3. zapple100 said

    Two things they could do without:
    Replays – Let the umps call the game. It’s part of the game.

    Interleague Play – Just think how much better the World Series would be if this was the only time the NL played the AL. It would make the World Series special. As it is now, it’s like an interleage series.

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