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The Cardinals: The king of Game 7

Posted by keithosaunders on November 3, 2011

You’d better believe I’m in baseball withdrawal.  What a compelling, riveting Series we just experienced; it was one of the best I”ve ever seen.  Now comes the boring time of the year which is dominated by free agent signings and arbitration settlements.  Gee, will you look at that, Willie Bloomquist got a 2.5 million dollar extension…

Last week’s game seven Cardinals win got me thinking about how they had won more Series — 11–  than any National League team.  The runners-up are the Dodgers and Giants, each of whom have won 6 out of 18 Series appearances.  (the Cards have also played in 18 Series)

But I was more interested in the Series that went to a seventh game.  Off the top of my head it seemed the Cardinals had played in an inordinate amount of them.  Here is what I found:

The Cardinals have won eight World Series game sevens. 

1926 v Yankees

1931 v Athletics

1934 v Tigers

1946 v Redsox

1964 v Yankees

1967 v Redsox

1982 v Brewers

2011 v Rangers  

They lost game sevens to the Tigers in ’68, the Royals in 85, and the Twins in ’87. 

61% of the World Series that the Cardinals have appeared in have gone to a seventh game and their winning percentage in these games is 72%.

Now lets look at the Yankees who have won a staggering 27 Series.

Of those 27 Series ony ten have gone to a seventh game and they have won four of them, or 40%.  Three of those four wins were versus the Dodgers in ’47, ’52, and ’56, and they beat the Giants in ’62.  Admittedly the Yankees probably did not play that many game sevens because of their dominance, but still, for a team that has one 67% of the Series that they appeared in, (27/40) you would think they would have won more game sevens. 

The Dodgers are 2-3 in game sevens, (but I think 1955 should count for more than one win!) and the Giants are 1-2. 

The Philadelphia/Oakland Athletics have fourteen pennants to their name, but have only played in three game sevens, going 2-1.  The Tigers, on the other hand have played in ten Series, five of which have gone to a game seven.  Their record in those games is 2-3. 

What can we learn from this?  The Yankees are indisputably the most dominant team in baseball, but the Cardinals are the most clutch.  After coming from ten and a half games behind in the division, 3-2 down in the Series, and down to their last strike (twice!) who can deny it? 

Ol' bucket-head, Tim McCarver

8 Responses to “The Cardinals: The king of Game 7”

  1. tophatal said

    Great win for the organization </a. now let's see what they'll do retain Pujols and at the same time name a successor to La Russa . If GM John Mozeliak messes things up in terms of a contract extension for Albert Pujols then he deserves to be sent down to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation and torture ! Cruel and unusual punishment ? Probably not in the eyes of the Cardinals’ fans .

    Theo Epstein begins to clean house in Chi-town with the firing of manager Mike Quade . No surprise there at all !

    The Yankees are simply dominant because of their financial clout because of the Yes Network . Without that to aid them in their proliferation overpaying for players they wouldn’t have had any success over the last decade and half . The same can be said of the Red Sox with NESN .

    tophatal ……..

    • jb said

      Tophatal . . .

      Successful organizations are, well, successful. They make smart business decisions, which result in additional profit, and which permit permit them to spend more of their product, namely, quality players that help them win, which is, in sports, the definition of success. The Boston-NY-Philadelphia corrider have money and a huge fan base. They built that long ago. The Cardinals define the Midwest in such an approach. The same is the case with the Dodgers on the West Coast, and to a lesser degree, the Giants. They invest in their product, they spend the bucks to to the best they can do, so it is no surprise the dollars follow.

      Drayton McClane, a billionaire (#301 on Forbes -1.6 billion)(that just went up over half a bill with the sale of the Astros), in the 4th largest city of the nation, did not invest as did the other winners. There is a phenomenal fan base here, plenty of bucks in the fans’ pockets (the socialism of the Bammster doesn’t affect us much down here), and yet, cheapskate that he was, he’s rather make his profit on hot dogs and family seat give-aways, all the while trading away the core of his pennant winning team of 2005. He is a dollar winner, but a baseball loser.

      The majority of owners are like that, while they get the benefit of the socialist tax baseball imposes upon those who are successful. And you can bet your buttcheeks the Cubs organization will either buckle and pay attention to a proven winner like Theo, or he will quickly move on and the Cubs will continue their futility. The AL East is a beast because every team, with the sole exception of Baltimore’sPeter Angelos, who seems to like Drayton McClane’s schematic.

      My bet is the Cards re-sign Albert—the Cards are proven winners. Fielder is going somewhere that is building a winner right now – my bet is the Miami Marlins. The Brewers suffer from the “Bud” syndrome, that its, they are as mediocre (him being the real owner), as are Bud’s pronouncements from on high, so they will let their biggest draw go..

      Warming the cockles of Keith’s heart, I would say that the Giants liked winning it all last year, were pissed they did not this year, and intend to win it all next year. I hoot for the Red Sox without apology, but I think the Yanks are going to squelch everyone and meet the Giants in the Series, in a dream match of original clubs. The Sox, Tigers, Joe Maddon’s Rays, and Nolan Ryan’s (another winner) Rangers will be in the thick of things, but that’s what I see.

      As an Aside, Mark Cuban is a proven winner. He ought to buy Baltimore or KC. That would guarantee some real fireworks!

      All the best . . . jb

      • tophatal said

        But that’s the problem within the game of baseball as the owners and general managers are nowhere as smart as some would given them credit for . Where else can you find a bunch of individuals whose combined IQ’s would make Paris Hilton and dare one say the members of Congress seem like members of MENSA .

        Bud Selig screwed over Mark Cuban once before so what makes you think that he’d want to deal with a_hole again ?

        What have the Dodgers defined (during McCourt’s tenure) ? Frank McCourt is an a@@ … this being the same guy who simply placed the organization on the verge of bankruptcy and then bitc_ed and whined when his pacifier was taken away from him .

        Owners within the professional sports simply treat their teams as baubles for the large part . Explain to me this , both the NBA in the last five years bailed out fifteen teams to the tune of $500 million . Baseball has its idiotic luxury tax scheme ……. how has that leveled the playing field in terms of competitiveness ?

        tophatal ……….

      • JB! That’s the earliest World Series prediction I’ve ever read. I give it up to you. The phillies are amazing — they keep signing big name players (Papelbon) yet they can’t get over the hump. As much as I dislike the Cards, I like that they don’t go crazy with free agents. You didn’t see them going after Lee or Oswald. They’re a good organization.

        What are we talking about — it’s football season. Go Giants — beat those Saints!

  2. jb said

    Keith –

    There are the Giants in SF, and the Giants in NY. Since N’awlings can’t body slam the Giants in SF, they body-slammed the Giants in NY tonight. Not pretty.

    Tophatal . . . I don’t worry about “leveling the playing field,” because there are winners who win, for the most part, fighting other teams who like winning, and there are other teams that prefer the concessions fee from Aramark and the beer distributors (Drayton McClane springs immediately to mind, but he is finally history), and call losing “winning” if they turn a profit. The Red Sox tried that for years under Yawkey; then decided to win, and they, more than the Yanks, have inspired the whole AL East Beast.

    For my part, I would kill the luxury tax. Let the losers drop out. Baseball and socialism do not mix well, especially when it is all done to calm the billionaires who own teams. Steinbrenner was an ass in personal relationships, but he was also a genius. He was so successful at being successful that he didn’t give much of a rip about the luxury tax – he could afford it and much more. Winners don’t worry with the mindset of losers, which is why they are winners.

    I could go on and on, but YES, KEITH . . .

    You heard it from me first . . . Yanks versus Giants . . . 2012 World Seriousness. That’s what the Mayan calendar was REALLY trying to say! 🙂

    jb (May the god of the Red Sox forgive me)

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