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Oh it’s on!

Posted by keithosaunders on January 22, 2012

Here is a last-minute NFC championship game post.  The New York Giant Bay Area outpost is open for business in Albany, California, consisting entirely of my family.  I don’t dare venture out into the streets until after the Giants have destroyed the 49ers, reaping revenge for the last time these two teams met in the post season in 2002; a wild-card game in which the Giants blew a 24 point lead only to lose 39-38.

Have I mentioned that these west coasters are out of their minds?!  They were already printing their Super Bowl tickets even before they beat the Saints.  Then last Saturday’s mass jubilation after their improbably victory — carrying on like it was the final scene from Hoosiers.  (my world war two metaphor was better, I know.  Sue me!)

The sports radio guys, as usual, were out of control, going on about east coast bias, and the ghosts of Candlestick Park.  

First of all…east coast bias?!  The last time I looked it’s the same no-neck guys who play on both coasts.  Also, as my friend and co-blogging blogger, Jeff Mazzei pointed out, the western teams, with the exception of this year’s 49ers squad, basically suck.

And…the ghosts of Candlestick?!  What ghosts?  John Brodie?!  All those guys from the ’80s are still alive!   Is it possible that Joe Montana has a ghost that we don’t know about?  That guy truly is amazing.

Go Giants!


Is it the real Joe Montana, or his ghost?



2 Responses to “Oh it’s on!”

  1. bkivey said

    During the run-up to the 1985 Super Bowl, a radio talker was going on and on about how great the Dolphins, and specifically Marino, were. He went so far as to describe a Dolphins victory as a ‘mortal lock’. The Monday after the game, a caller asked him to define ‘mortal lock’. It was great.

    And yes, the Saints – Niners game was one that will be seen on highlight reels for decades.

    • I saw some parallels between the 49ers fans and the Yankees fans. Both feel a sense of entitlement. The 49ers have won 5 Super Bowls, yet the fans were going crazy celebrating a (non championship) playoff win as if it was the Super Bowl. It was way out of proportion to what it actually was.

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