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The right of the dial

Posted by keithosaunders on February 10, 2012

I spent the last weekend in Las Vegas visiting my father.  Having grown up in Brooklyn and Queens, my Dad is a lifelong Giants fan, and since my regular Sunday gig was cancelled due to the game, I decided to make the trek down to watch it with him.

This is the third time I’ve made the drive from the Bay Area to Vegas.  It is a deceptively long drive.  If you could drive on a direct angle from Berkeley to Vegas it would probably be a six or seven hour trip.  Thanks to the Sierra Nevada range, however, this is impossible.  You have to drive south to Bakersfield on I 5, cut over east on a 150 mile mountain pass road — rt 58 — and finally, at Barstow, turn North onto I 15.  It is a nine-hour drive, that is if you don’t stop.

Fortunately I love driving.  I’m an animal behind the wheel and can drive great distances without tiring.  All I need are some good sounds to spur me on and I’m happy.  I’ve driven cross-country on two consecutive years, with a third trip looming this summer as my oldest boy is going to be going to school back east.

After the game (and what a game!) I decided to drive home rather than have to wake up at 5AM the next morning.  I had to be back by Monday night for a gig and I knew I could make great time at night.

I know enough to pull over when I’m tired.  It’s amazing how effective a ten minute cat nap can be.  I ended up needing to take two of them — one at 2Am, and the other at 4AM.  I arrived home safe and sound at 5:30.

About halfway through the drive I decided to take a break from my ipod and tune in to some right-wing radio.  I expected to become upset while listening to their vitriol, but in the end I only felt a sense of bemusement and pity.

I mean, they’ve got nothing.  Literally nothing.   All they have to talk about is their hatred of Obama, and their love of the lord.  Obama is a socialist, and the lord is their savior.

I feel sorry for them.  They don’t want to talk about Romney — they hate him.  They’re embarrassed by Gingrich, because

a) he’s too smart for them


b) his checkered history disturbs them.

Ron Paul is too liberal for them, and even these nutcases realize that Santorum has no shot.

One host claimed to know exactly when Armageddon was coming, but you had to buy his book to find out when and how.  I’m sure it would be a great read but I’m going to save my thirty bucks.

I ended up staying with right-wing radio for a good hundred miles.  I couldn’t turn away.  It was extremely entertaining.

6 Responses to “The right of the dial”

  1. verdun2 said

    Buying the book reminded me. When I was a teen there was a radio station just across the US/Mexican border in Juarez that played stuff the local stations wouldnt and at night you could hear it. It also advertised a $5 autographed picture of Jesus Christ. So five of us, being curious and teens, pooled a buck apiece and sent for one. Got this great shot of some peon in a white outfit signede “Jesus Christ Rivera” (probably his real name). Wish I could have been the one to keep it.
    Buy the book. 🙂

    • Hi Verdun,

      Was the station XERM? Your reply inspired me to ask my good friend, and former program director of WCBS FM, Jeff Mazzei, to write a post about scanning for distant radio stations. He wrote it and I’m going to post it early next week.

      I loved your anecdote about Jesus Christ Rivera. That’s a classic!

      • verdun2 said

        XERM? Maybe. It’s been forever so I can’t recall the station handle. I remember it did songs the local stations wouldn’t play and as a teen that made them instantly better than what we were hearing. At night with clear air you could pick up stations in Mexico, Chicago (WGN waybe?), La (which had a “Reverand Ike” segment like the one you mentioned in your post–he did prayer hankies), Tulsa, Oklahoma (KVOO, I think) and a couple of other places. Can’t recall any station callsigns for certain. Sorry.

  2. zapple100 said

    Obama is going to win. The Rep. don’t have anybody half decent to run against against him.

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  4. alice said

    I want an autographed poster of Jesus before Armageddon comes our way. He’s hot!

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