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The curse of the viral video

Posted by keithosaunders on August 5, 2015

It’s been two consecutive days of posting. Tomorrow I go for the trifecta and if I’m able to pull it off we’ll know that Keitho is really back!

Between facebook, youtube, twitter et al the viral video has become a staple of the online world. Along with attempts at glib humor often comes a didactic slant.  Not only is the joke telegraphed, but in the process we are told what we should think and how to react.  In other words, there’s no need to form an opinion of your own — it’s already been formed for you.  This is true of intenet magazines as well.  Check out just about any article in Salon and the slant will be telegraphed within the first two sentences.  I’m politically aligned with Salon yet I detest their reporting. I find it fatuous and pandering.

This poor slob parked in a handicapped spot.  Sure it’s a douchey thing to do, but come on, the punishment is way out of proportion to the crime.  What’s wrong with a ticket?

Assuming this video is real, which I don’t, where is the comedy?  It’s as a laugh track was added in order to clue us in on the joke. I’ve got news for these snot-nosed would-be film-makers: It wasn’t funny when they used it in I Dream of Jeannie and it isn’t funny today.

Here’s my fantasy handicapped parker viral video:

Scene:  Man emerges from a store to find his car encased in paper mache.  Crowd laughs and points.  Man becomes increasingly more frustrated when he realizes the paper will not easily peel off.  Man goes to his trunk and takes out an 8 foot paintball gun and open fires on the crowd.

Now that’s comedy!


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