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Trump mania

Posted by keithosaunders on August 11, 2015


If Donald Trump is elected our next president it’s safe to assume that at least for a while he will enjoy the popularity and clout that goes along with the office.  It would follow that his look and mannerisms would also become popular and somewhat trendy.  Can you imagine an entire country of people with the Trump haircut?

In addition Trump’s brash persona would give you the cover to say whatever you wanted whenever you wanted.  If someone called you on crass behavior you would merely respond, “Hey, I’m a straight shooter, just like our president!”

For example here’s an imaginary exchange that could conceivably take place just 20 months from now:

Keitho: Say, Mary, are you pregnant or what?

Mary: Excuse me?

Keitho:  You look great!  When are you expecting?

Mary:  I’m not pregnant, you imbecile.

Keitho:  Hey, I’m a straight shooter, just like our president!

Mary:  Get the hell out of here, I never want to see you again.

Keitho:  I never figured you for a socialist.

Now I ask you, can you envision having this much fun in a Clinton administration?  (Don’t answer that!)


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