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Papelbon, Harper, and a sport without a soul

Posted by keithosaunders on September 28, 2015

There’s something wrong with baseball these days but it’s difficult to put one’s finger on the reason.  It’s as if the force is out of alignment. Oh wait a second, it just came to me –  the players are a bunch of jerks!

Let’s see if we can sort this out.  Manny Machado showboats after hitting a homerun.  Two innings later Jonathan Papelbon retaliates the old school way, the biblical way, by plunking Machado with a high and tight fastball.

Harper, jerk that he is, throws Pap under the bus telling the press that it was uncalled for and that the upshot would be that he (Harper) would surely be beaned in the next game.  He described Pap’s bean ball as “pretty tired.”

Flash forward a day or so and Harper does not run out a fly ball during a key at bat. Papelbon, Mr tough love, can then be seen screaming at Harper as he returns to the dugout.  Heated words are exchanged between the two ‘gladiators.’ before a fight breaks out in which Pap chokes Harper.  Stay classy, Jonathan.

Papelbon, in his bungling way has pulled off a coup once thought impossible – he’s made Harper appear sympathetic.  Yes, I agree with the old school credo that bean balls have their place, but you don’t show up your team’s future MVP on national television.  Take that shit to the locker room!  Furthermore not running out a fly ball isn’t the end of the world, particularly when the emotion that led to it came out of frustration, not ennui.

All of this is mere window dressing, however.  A kind of sorbet before the real baseball drama begins:  The playoffs!  This year featuring a certain team from Flushing known as THE NEW YORK METS!

2 Responses to “Papelbon, Harper, and a sport without a soul”

  1. sportsattitudes said

    Yes, first off congrats on your Mets advancing to the post-season. Well played. As for Papelbon it was downright embarrassing to have him in Philly …saves or not. He was a virus that infected the clubhouse, he grabbed his crotch towards the crowd once, he campaigned for a trade for two years and at the All-Star break humiliated the team in front of a national press by once again posturing for a way out…and God Bless the Nats for buying in. Indeed I never thought Harper would be someone you’d feel compassion for. That’s what it took. Ironically, I’m actually hearing some “experts” think Paps was right to call out Harper for not running out a ball. Not at the top of the dugout. Not in public. The best part of all this is now its unlikely anyone will want Papelbon ever again. He may have strangled himself in the long run. We’ll see. Good luck to your Mets!

    • I’m guessing there’s someone out there who will gamble on Papelbon. As long as these cretins can produce there will always be a job for them.

      I think there was a way Papelbon could have taken Harper aside and given some friendly advice. The thing is that Harper wasn’t dogging it — he was upset that he didn’t produce in a key spot. You can’t fault him for that,

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