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The war on the war on Christmas

Posted by keithosaunders on November 9, 2015


This is unbelievable.  People are up in arms because Starbucks came out with Christmas coffee cups without pictures of snowflakes or Santa.  REALLY?  The cups have the prerequisite red and green coloring.  What more do you need, baby Jesus drinking an egg nog latte?!  To tell you the truth I’m more offended that these cups get trotted out in early November. We haven’t even had our lousy Thanksgiving meal with all the overrated trimmings that go along with it. (There’s a reason we don’t eat stuffing and cranberry sauce year round)

I am not offended by the Christmas season and all the imagery and hooplah that comes along with it.  I likes me a Little Christmas Carol, Clydesdales tromping around a New England snowscape, and Norelco commercial with Santa riding the razor like a sled.  It’s good clean fun!  What I don’t need is pre-Halloween or Thanksgiving capitalistic Christmas hype.  And by the way, if we’re at War with Christmas then the months from January through October should be called The Christmas Armistice.  (tm)


One Response to “The war on the war on Christmas”

  1. sportsattitudes said

    The laughs kept building throughout this post but when I saw ™ that took humor next-level. Phil Dunphy on the TV show “Modern Family” periodically comes up with new, wild ideas he always makes it a point to say “tm” after indicating he wants to trademark them someday. “The Christmas Armistice is so happening! By the way…Starbucks has a promo between Nov 12-15 where between 2-5 pm if you buy one Holiday drink you get another one. Merry Christmas before the turkeys even hit the grocery stores.

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